Interfaith Prayer For 2017

24 Dec
Interfaith Prayer For 2017

The Grotto in Bethlehem, Palestine

Birthplace of Christ

Let us pray – Father we come to you this night in fellowship and love. To sing praises on high to your glory and grace. We bring our love to You as Your dutiful servants in unity and purpose under Your watchful eyes. Bless us Father with your divine Grace and love and bring us relief from the pain of intolerance and hatred we face in this world today.

Father we ask for forgiveness of our transgressions and pray for our salvation from a world full of hate and disparity. Fill us with divine love and tolerance for those who deny You. Bless us with peace and prosperity throughout the world and lighten our burden of despair. For it is within Your divine light we seek our destiny and it is our purpose to fulfill Your desires for all of humanity.

Help us achieve our goals of righteousness Father by guiding us through the Holy Spirit in our prayers, and allow us freedom to pray and serve You the best we can wherever we may be. Cast down those who offend you and remove the blockade to our salvation and houses of worship by those that deny You.

Father we are under siege, our foundation is crumbling before your feet. Heresy has replaced love, violence has beset tolerance and hatred reigns over the place of Your Son’s birthplace. We ask for intervention and relief from those who block the pathways to You in so many ways with their sloth and greed. We pray for their salvation and may You judge them accordingly.

Father we ask You to protect the children who fight and die in the streets of Jerusalem, who stand before Satan and repel the heresy with nothing more then stones and courage. Bless them with peace so they may grow and serve you righteously as they do everyday of their young lives. Fill them with courage and hope, love and compassion and bless them with eternal life for their service to You.

We love you Lord, through Your divine grace we beg forgiveness and lack of stewardship of Your creation. We ask You to guide the corrupters of this Earth who desecrate our skies and firmaments with poisons who seek earthly treasures. Bring to them the light of salvation and correct the error of their ways of greed. Bless us with hope that we may right the wrongs done to our home and guide us in stewardship of the beasts and fauna of Your grand design.

Father we ask You to help us prevent war with understanding and fellowship. To fill our hearts with compassion and charity to those less fortunate. Help us fulfill the needs of the homeless and oppressed, who flee from the tyranny of wars throughout the lands. Cast down Your judgement to the defilers of faith, who corrupt Your commandments with impunity. Condemn them to the depths of Hell for their heretic ways and protect those they wish to conquer with the shield of your armor and the dual edged sword of Michael.

On this day of celebration we are under siege, denied our homeland by the heathens who deny Your Son Jesus, denied of piety and modesty through government heretics who attempt to dilute our faithful ways. Cast a shadow over their domains Lord and deny them peace of mind until they change their ways. Bring to them joyless life, deny them earthly riches and subject them to the same suffering as those they oppress and deny.

Bless our unity Father, bless our brothers and sisters of faith with Your never ending love and fill their lives with prosperity and peace. We love You Lord, we are thankful for the chance to serve you in our humble ways. We ask for peace for all of mankind and we ask for the salvation of our planet from the pestilence of ignorance and suffering it endures. Of this we pray .. amen.


Al Aqsa- Dome Of The Rock


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