OPEN LETTER To: Honorable Norman A. Mordue

14 May

May 12, 2014

To: Honorable Norman A. Mordue

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you this day sir as a friend of the court in the matter of US Government v. Stanley L. Cohen.

I, like yourself sir, am a judge of law. I am an Interfaith Minister, you a Judicial Minister. As such, we both must judge men based upon the laws given to us by our authorities. Yours come from men, mine from God. The argument can be made that one law is higher than the other and I submit that one who ignores God’s laws generally ignores man’s law so they are intrinsically entwined. Hence I hope with all due respect and humbleness my words do not go unheard in this case.

I have known Mr. Cohen for quite a few years and due to our interests in fighting for the freedoms of others have crossed paths unknowingly for over 40 years. It is through the marvelous advances in social network technology that we found each other and realized that for years, we’d probably stood next to each other chanting or screaming out our indignities over the unrighteousness of the land through organized marches and demonstrations across this great country we both call home. It is with profound honor that I call him friend. Do not confuse this solicitation on Stanley’s behalf with a judgement of right or wrong according to man’s laws in this case. I am not a lawyer nor do I pretend to be one, however, I am an excellent judge of character and men’s souls. When I touch one as fine and pure as Stanley Cohen’s it gives me a divine hope for mankind. Something I do not get on a regular basis I can assure you.

Stanley’s focus throughout his life has been freedom and justice for everyone, not just the selected few who can afford it. He hasn’t been motivated by advancement in status or monetary gain. He has always focused on the law, using it as a hammer to forge righteousness for those wronged by the nefarious acts of others. He does this, your honor, in places where most men would not go without an army to ensure their personal security. He does this, your honor, because his personal safety is of no concern to him and his only concern is to get to the truth and see to it that justice is properly served. He does this, sir, under great pressure and personal sacrifice. I have seen him work globally to the point of exhaustion. Does any man that would go to such lengths attempt to subordinate law based on trickery and underhandedness? I think not as I have worked in Stanley’s office. It is not your everyday office. It is full of blowing sand, men with guns and bombs, treachery, and cris-crossed streets of danger controlled by renegade gangs whose concepts of religion, democracy and freedom leave much to be desired. This is the Middle East, this is Stanley Cohen’s office. Westerners truly have no concept of its day-to-day reality. This is a place where man’s law is ignored and religious law prevails. A place where a white skinned Jew from New York has very little chance of being accepted, if not out right killed by the very men he chooses to be a litigator for in a court of law to see that justice is properly served. This is a place where the litmus test of survival is based on the man’s integrity. Stanley Cohen has passed that litmus test and set the bar for others that may follow.

As I read through the legalese of the indictment and subsequent plea agreement I ask myself is this justice or a perversion of justice. As I look at Lady Justice I decidedly see a very unbalanced scale. One heavily over-weighted side of the balance beam being held down by the elephant’s foot with a mule braying in achievement. This is not justice sir. This is nothing more then an attempt to silence a freedom fighters voice. If this trial were to be held in Solomon’s Court I submit to you sir, the defendant would not be the one questioned. The wise see through the draperies of deception and misdirection and I submit In the Court of Solomon it would be the accuser who would be having the bad day.

Stanley chose to drop this burden he’s been carrying on his back because it has come to the point where he can no longer perform at his usual 110% for his clients. His family has come under duress, his clients were being told to drop him because he’s going to prison, that he is a bad guy and won’t be around to help them. What insane form of ethical law is that? I had not expected this from the government for which I served faithfully, bleeding on foreign soil to protect. I am personally ashamed and offended at the underhandedness my government has shown in this case. The United States Government is attempting to put a man behind bars that is currently fighting Kings, Prime Ministers and despot governments throughout this world in the name of justice. Can anyone involved in this case say the same? What happens to those battles sir? What happens to the millions of souls counting on his success in the International Criminal Courts? And we do this why? For sloppy book keeping? Because a man that lives in New York City uses a safe in his office or keeps a safe deposit box? When a man is focused on seeing justice served to a despot government that is ruled by tanks and guns to save millions of harmless citizens from death one can easily imagine how little he is thinking of IRS forms when staring down the barrel of a 155mm tank cannon. This he has done. A few times. This he will do again when this is past. This is Stanley L. Cohen, at work. No desk, file cabinet, fax machine or secretary. Just him, alone except for a local contact, in a place where men disappear for all the wrong reasons. Just him, his heart, and the courage of his convictions keeps him from becoming a statistic.

When Stanley was considering taking on the Abu Ghaith case (Bin Laden’s Son-In-Law) we talked about it. I told him “Stan, you’ll be the most hated man in America if you take this guy on as you and I both know it’s a slam dunk loss to you before it even starts.” He said “I know” and I asked him why he was going to take it (I already knew why but wanted to hear it from him.) He said “The law. It’s about the law and it’s purity.” Subsequently the court decided to shoot the messenger preventing exposure of the real truth of the case to the public. Justice was once again laid aside to support a government agenda that perverts the law to suit it’s means. To someone that understands the purity of God’s law’s I fully understand his battle, as I face the same battle everyday with renegade priests and clerics throughout my world ministry. The purity of the law is what makes men like Stanley Cohen sacrifice all of what they are for it. Stanley Cohen is such a man, So was Jesus Christ. This case in the biblical sense is that of the shepherd who stood before a charging herd of wild ox to protect his sheep . The shepherd was subsequently run over by the charging herd. Instead of praising the man’s bravery he is imprisoned for impeding the charging herd. A grave miscarriage, if not travesty, of justice

The outcome of this case not only strips this freedom fighters ability to right the wrongs of injustice in this land but also strips his ability to continue the fight for parity on a global scale of millions of oppressed and denied peoples. He loses the battle for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia against forced slavery. He loses the battle of the oppressed peoples of Palestine on the very edge of destruction from a formidable invader of its lands. He loses the battle of Egypt’s right to an elected democracy against a despot dictator that leads by the rule of force and not law. He loses the battle to save freedom of self-determination being denied by millions world wide. He is the voice of these people -the standard bearer of democracy and freedom from a country that the world despises for it’s protracted perversion of justice. These are the values every war fighter such as myself, put their lives on the line to protect and serve. His incarceration serves no purpose other then to silence that voice heard around the world. The country needs men like Stanley Cohen, the world needs men like Stanley Cohen. I submit sir if all of the messengers are shot who will be left to fight the righteous fight so desperately needed in a world gone mad with injustice? Who will be left? The false Priests? The liars and perverts of freedoms? The bearers of false witness and deception? This subverts all that the rule of law is suppose to protect and serve and will result in total anarchy and chaos. It is a clear and present danger we face as judges of mankind sir, one that takes courage to stand and shout “ENOUGH!” to stop. I pray to God that you have the courage and wisdom to see through the drapes of deception and derail this tragedy of injustice.

I wish to thank you, your honor, for taking the time to hear my voice in words and I pray that I have given some insight on the man, not the law, that often get’s missed in the fog of battle. I pray justice and the lady’s scales are re-balanced in your courtroom. Blessings to you sir and may peace find it’s way to your doorstep.

Pastor Razz
Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Leader
Reunited World Wide Brotherhood

RE: Excerpt from Case 5:12-cr-00316-NAM Document 77 Filed 04/14/14


Crim. No. 5:12-CR-316(NAM)

United States Of America v. Stanley L. Cohen
Plea Agreement Rule 11(c)(1)(C)
Hon. Norman A. Mordue, Presiding

5) Elements of Offense:

a) The defendant corruptly (intent to secure an unlawful advantage);

b) endeavored (acted knowingly and intentionally to bring about a desired result);

c) obstruct or impede the due administration of the revenue laws.

6) Factual Basis for Guilty Plea:

a) Failure to file individual and corporate income tax returns with the IRS for tax years 2005- 2010.

b) failure to file and causing his law practice to not file form 8300 with the IRS when funds were recieved >$10,000 in currency in one transaction or two or more related transactions in the course of his trade or business;

c) failing to maintain books and records documenting financial information concerning the operation of Mr. Cohens law practice (before and after it became an LLC) including gross receipts, income and expenses.

d) failing to provide books, receipts and records to his tax preparer for his law practice (both before and after it became an LLC);

e) failing to file a Form 1099 or W2 with the IRS documenting compensation paid to an individual who perfomed services for the defendant and his law practice during tax years 2004-2010;

f) keeping significant amounts of cash in a safe and a safe deposit box;

g) redacted to “it became an LLC);”

h) making regular deposits of cash into personal financial accounts, often in amounts <$10,000, thereby avoiding the filing of Currency Transaction Reports with the IRS;

i) instructing an individual to receive cash owed to him or the law practice and then conduct wire transfers with some of that cash in Cohens name and on his behalf in amounts under $10,000;

j) paying for expenses of the law practice with cash;

k) receiving non-monetary payment in exchange for legal services, and not maintaining business records of such payments and not reporting such payments as gross receipts or income; and

i) receiving cash payments from clients and others acting on behalf of clients for legal services;

all of the above actions obstructed and impeded the IRS in accurately calculating the revenues, receipts, expenses and taxes due and owing from the defendant and the law practice (before and after it became an LLC). All in violation of Title 26 USC Sect 7212(a)



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