Whose War – Syria’s or Obama’s

27 Sep


= Free Syrian Army Fighters =

War with Syria in my view is an exercise in failure. An announced “punishment” of a few days of cruise missile and Tomahawk strikes without an agenda of regime change smacks of “no one likes what you did, but your going to get away with it regardless” approach to doing something no one else cares to do. No one wants to foot the bill, and it appears all the rhetoric is just that .. rhetoric. So send Assad an email Mr. President it’s about as effective and costs me JoeTaxPayer nothing. I would appreciate that.

Retired military guys are saying the US should at least balance the playing field and destroy Assad’s ability to wage war from the skies. Wipe out his planes, tanks and helicopters, deny the use of airports and landing strips and you might help the opposition reach their goal. Good idea, shows a decisive reaction, not a knee jerk slap in the head. Announcing to the world you are a man of substance and commitment to the idea that treaties and accords made by the world indeed have a meaning. Follow them or get your butt blown up. But alas, that takes strong leadership and will. Unfortunately,the President is not of the same caliber as John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan. Not even close.

The situation in Syria is extreme. The desire is strong to help the opposition get rid of a despot, help the opposition in some way that benefits that goal. Unfortunately,the opposition get’s redefined on a daily basis due to the influx of jihadists and renegade outlaws hell bent on destabilizing the ME theater. The UK, our strongest ally has decided not to do anything. France has decided to do something, just not sure what. I suggest they go home and make croissants. So Obama is faced with a “go it alone” decision facing a country that doesn’t agree we should do that. We are tired of war. We are tired of putting out these little fires of despotism to the point of exasperation. Does the world really want America to be exasperated? Is that the goal of the crazies with guns killing all in the name of God?

Try this on for size. Obama has nothing to lose. Obama is going down in history as one of the worse leaders this nation has ever had. Nice enough guy but should have stayed a Congressman. Just not the right stuff for a world on fire with extremism. Sorry Mr. President you got the job based on your skin, not on your talents for leadership in this turmoil filled world. That folks is the danger. He has nothing to lose. He has all to gain by a decisive show of strength, commitment and purpose. He can make a final statement about his presidential leadership to history by destroying Assad’s ability to wage war on his own people. Unfortunately, he blew the chance. He pulled the old tired wannabe tough guy act and announced he was going to kick butt and take notes routine. Yallah Mr. President, yeah yeah .. heard that before .. on the playground. Forget about it.

My thoughts on Syria, unless things change radically, are the US does nothing. Eventually Assad will regain his rule over the people and the jihadists will go home to wherever in Hell the cave they came from is. They lose the purpose of being there. So they will leave. The beards of course will smile and clap at defeating the world giant once again. Yay. Go team. They are idiots and will die out because they have no basics for survival. So they take over a country. This is the end game I assume. Then what? No one is going to deal with them. The world operates on trade, No one is going to sell you anything in support of your existence. That’s the reality of their goal.

So what then should Obama do? Difficult question considering the circumstances. What I would do is retract my forces to the outskirts of the war zones and sit. Tell the world there are only 2 things the US will involve itself in. The Straights and the Suez. Mess with either, you get destroyed. Doesn’t matter who or where you come from. Mess with the stability of the world, you die and so does everyone else in the place you come from. This puts on notice countries that allow and provide safe harbor for these criminals with guns, the price one will pay for it is high. Yes, that is an extreme position to take. When dealing with extremists, extreme actions are necessary as they do not understand diplomacy or the rules of society at large. They wish to die in the name of God. I know of no God that would accept them into Heaven. So they get sent to Hell.

The President is in a mess, not of his own making. Really feel sorry for the guy actually. He got handed 2 wars the day he took office and a world full of crazy bastards hell bent on dying for God. How does one deal with such an impossible situation where your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t? What does one do when backed into a corner? That’s the position the US is in now. So if you all pushing for US intervention in Syria, instead of lip flapping the anti-American rhetoric continually, come up with a solution on how to deal with this disaster I will forward any legit idea to the President. He needs help, so help, not hinder. Those that oppose US intervention, great, send along the suggestion on how you will deal with Assad the next time he uses gas on his people. He will you know. Oh and hey, if anyone doubts he did still .. maybe you want to think about how the US knows exactly what army unit did the firing. One should not wear unit insignia clearly visible from the sky to the worlds most powerful camera when one commits an atrocity.

Now the Russians are in, and the UN is meeting on what to do next. Yay, it’s like watching paint dry. Sooner or later it will. Sooner or later the UN will declare something and Russia will denounce it as US political maneuvering. The war and struggle will continue while everyone looks on hopelessly once again. In the meantime Russia got to kick Obama around the G20, made him look weak and silly. This is more important to Russia then it is to the Syrian dead. Something they tend to over look on grounds of political gain.

Stay tuned, this fiasco is warming up to a complete stalemate or as I like to phrase a Mexican Standoff. Everybody loses but Putin .. what a guy.

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