SOPA, NDAA, Military Stupidity

23 Dec

Greetings from the Captains. We had another round table discussion over a few brews and some herbal pain medication this past week and there was much chit chat concerning SOPA and the NDAA detainee amendment tacked onto a check for 1/2 trillion bucks to the Pentagon.

Well needless to say we never cease to be amazed at the lunatics in Washington that keep spending money they do not have. Somehow, somewhere some idiot taught these guys if you cook the books a bit you can still spend money you don’t have. Pretty sure they got that from the early episodes of The Sopranos. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for Tony Soprano either. Common denominator here is it will eventually bite you in the ass. Well, we have been bitten.

Along with the stupid pet tricks in spending, the lunatics also decided to give the military a broad ranging all access pass to putting people in gated communities they do not wish to belong to. That would be the “Detainee Act” amendment to the spending bill. Much adrift on the sea concerning the legality of the thing since the Constitution guarantees against such nonsense are quite prominent. They should read the document sometime and realize it is not going to be changed easily and will just plain not go away.

What the public at large needs to understand (which they really don’t) is that the US government is a triad. There are three distinct branches that control all that which we do. You have the lunatics in the House and Senate as one point in the triad. You have an unqualified President to be the stop gap point and then you have that which we refer to as the Supremos. That would be the Supreme Court Justices sitting on high in infinite wisdom. Or, at least they think so.

NDAA will eventually end up on their doorstep. So will SOPA. We are counting on them to shred this stuff up and send it back to Obama in a box with a jar of Vaseline. The Supremos have been decidedly liberal in recent rulings so we’ll see how they react to these two bills. We are pretty sure they will not degrade the Constitution further and uphold the Amendments under attack.

We do agree that this current government needs to go. We have elected folks to office that couldn’t manage a McDonalds never mind a country. The current line up of prospects leaves a lot to be desired, like intelligence. We will not vote for a single person on either ticket, nor will we be inactive in our efforts to get the people to frekin pay attention this time. This country cannot afford to be spending time and money on looser politicos that forget campaign promises anymore. We are FREKIN BROKE! We need to fix that in the poles and prevent that from happening again through recall legislation that will oust those that do not hold up to campaign promises. We see no difference in a person lying on his resume to get a really good job or a politico spewing garbage out of his mouth that they cannot be held accountable for. It’s a trust thing ya know? Don’t know about you guys but the Captains are definitely tired of being lied to. We are tired of politicians that are habitual liars and refuse to do the work they were hired for. They work for us, not the other way around, and quite frankly if I have someone on my payroll that does not perform, they get fired.

Well after a few belts of grain alcohol and much lying about past exploits under fire, we came around to Bradley Manning and the insufferable glacial momentum of the military tribunal system. We have been following this case quite closely and we all agree that Bradley is in deep shit. His attorney is a complete idiot and does not know his way through a military tribunal. The military court system is the strictest in the land and presiding officers have more power then a Supreme Court Justice. Public opinion has absolutely no effect on a military tribunal. They have to conduct themselves exactly to military law. They cannot reinterpret law as is done in civilian courts or they themselves will be held accountable and face court martial. The rule of military law is founded in centuries of tradition in controlling a force that is armed to the teeth. It has to be this way, otherwise you end up with a situation like you have in Egypt and Syria. We all agree that Bradley is screwed. So are the people that worked with him and the folks that were responsible for him. This case has not been delayed because of the evidence against Bradley, it has been delayed because the court is going to hang a bunch of other folks out to dry that probably have no idea who Lamo, Assange or WikiLeaks is, or, really care a damn about, hence you have collateral damage in a military court just like the battlefield.

What became of interest to us is in Bradley’s defense stance. We feel that his lawyer is an idiot and does not understand military justice at all. The lame excuses presented by the defense team is laughable. The reason you stole classified documents off of a military classified network is attributed to your propensity to like dresses over fatigues? The reason you stole classified documents off a classified military network is because you are emotionally unstable and unaware of your wrongdoing? Really? Are you absolutely frekin nuts? This isn’t a public has the right to know case. We have a right to know. But we can’t do it by breaking military law. Why? They will hang you if you wear a uniform. If you are a civilian, then the government will hang you. We have to find the truth another way. A legal way. We follow the money trail, we realize the truth, we NCIS their stuff. We then share that knowledge with those who are in charge to oversee our government. That’s the homework bits we keep shouting out about. It is every Americans duty to do due diligence, including Bradley. His method though, was not the way to do it. His method was designed for failure from the get go because he underestimated the military’s response. WikiLeaks at this point is the mechanism for the crime and it will not be a player in Bradley’s trial. The military tribunal has no legal jurisdiction over WikiLeaks or Jullian Assange. When Bradley’s real trial comes around it will be showed that Bradley had contact with Lamo and Assange at various points and it may be pointed out that there was collusion between the parties to commit a crime. Well, the military can only prosecute the ones they have jurisdiction over and WikiLeaks or Assange won’t be included.

So what do we recommend for Bradley based on our many years of military experience? First off. Fire your attorney. He’s an idiot. Second. Loose the freedom of information defense. That will never fly in a military court because the military is all about controlling information and not about lip flapping to our enemies what it is we plan to do or know. That’s pretty stupid to think otherwise. Third. Drop the whole I’m gay and screwed up so I stole classified documents bit. That’s retarded and makes gay people look bad. We have gay “friends” in our network and they are not pleased at all with this case. In their minds .. if your gay your gay, live with it, if your struggling with it, talk. Fourth. When it comes to military law the public is excluded from having a voice. That’s a 200 year old tradition imbedded into the military tribunal system. We were quite surprised at how public lawyers and media people were allowed into the courtroom. That was interesting. It is our recommendation that when Bradley goes into the real trial his attorneys plea for a temporary insanity ruling due to PTSD, mental duress and emotional unfitness for duty would be an intelligent move. The evidence is there to support it and in our minds is the only way this kid is ever going to see the light of day as a free man in his lifetime. WikiLeaks will be a whole other blog entry when that trial gets underway.

On another front. We discussed this Patriot missile and drone nonsense of late and I hate to say it, but, the attending military men are wondering what the hell is going on when 69 Patriot missile batteries and a whole whack of mil grade explosives and detonating systems are doing on a British flagged ship headed for China. I asked Obama of coarse, so far, no reply. Go figure. I’ll try the Chinese and Brits.

The big laugh of the evening was the drone thing with Iran. Spoofing GPS, taking over flight control and landing a CIA drone with absolutely no sensory interface was quite the engineering marvel. Probably the best since Tesla kicked Edison’s ass in Chicago at the Worlds Fair. Not really. But hey, people will believe anything these days. Our concern is with the drone systems reliability. That is of coarse highly classified so we have no intel to make a serious evaluation, but, we did note that history has once again repeated itself when it comes to the CIA and drones. Anyone remember Gary Powers? Just saying ..

We did chat a bit on the #Occupy events of late. Some of our work seems to be headed for court to hold those “In Charge” accountable for their actions. We warned them from the get go. Play nice and we’ll be quiet. Well they didn’t play nice, nor, will we be quiet. The idiots in California seem to think #OWS needs an education in Free Speech for $350 bucks or so. That’s to save those arrested a file folder in a police station someplace. And. Makes a few bucks for a private firm that is more than likely kicking back a few bucks to the DA’s office for sending them clients. Finders Fee’s they would call it we are sure. We always knew strangeness takes place in California at odd times. Well this is the strangest yet and the timing is impeccable. We tried visualizing the strategy meeting in the DA’s office on this one and quite frankly it was causing the Captains to barf over the port side rail between fits of laughter. You try it, but we suggest, before, you open the good stuff.

To wrap up the evening round table we wish to say to those of you out there on the sea. Fret not. #SOPA and #NDAA change nothing to our operations or endeavors. The third point of the triad has yet to speak. Let them restore sanity. Let them deal with the lunacy. Let them do what they are suppose to do. Protect the Constitution. Protect the people and protect that which us Captains fought long and hard for, freedom. Otherwise .. Expect us.


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