Palestine, Israel, Gingrich

10 Dec

Wow. Now there is a trio of words that could create volumes of conversations, and, quite possibly, a war. Where to begin? Let’s start with Newt. Past couple of days for Newt have not been all that great, regardless of his marketing guys. Newt spoke out about the Palestinian people. According to Newt these are made up people. Palestine never existed according to Newt until the Ottoman Empire made it so. Man’s a genius no? Unfortunately .. no. His history teacher failed him and so did his school system and I guess he’s never been near a Bible, Tora, Quron in his life. Or. He’s one ignorant son of a bitch. I’ll just let you decide on that one.


One of the pleasures I have had over the past 30-35 years is studying the history of the Middle East and it’s tumultuous past. Since the beginning times of the Palestinian history somewhere around 4000-3300BC (Hey Newt, that’s 4000 years before Christ so pay attention.) Somewhere around the 3300-1000 BC timeline the Canaanites came to rule. Not a good time for the Palestinian people since they were now ruled by a foreign state (Egypt to you there Newt). A whole bunch of folks came to visit the area for quite some time until the Romans came to town. Being swallowed up by the Roman Empire was never a good deal and both the Palestinian and Jew suffered greatly under Roman rule. Both peoples rose up in arms and regained their land, together and it became known as Syria Palaestina. Emperor Haydrian at this point decided that there should be a separation between the Jewish rebels and the area.
Now we come to the good bits of history that have confounded my logical thought process regarding Israel and Palestine.

Around 1000 – 732 BC referred to as the Israelite Period the land regained from the Canaanites through wars fought by Israelite and Palestinian peoples (with a little help from God I’m told) became The Kingdom of Israel. In 928BC the Kingdom was split in two with the Northern half Israel and the Southern half Judah. Both halves being inhabited by the same peoples. History marches on in the area, rulers change, wars are fought and it appears at this point, this sea bed of conflict over thousands of years will never settle into peace.

In 539 – 332 BC (Hey Newt – Persian Empire not Ottoman) the first use of the word describing the area is called Eber-Nari / Palestina Region. One could speculate that Palestina did not contain any Palestinians. Not to be negative but that person would have to be an alumni of The Idiots and Dimwits College.

In comes a time of rebuilding, 324 – 638 brought The Byzantine period to the area now named Palaestina I and II. Christianity become predominant and in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, temples were erected as the foundation of Christian belief. Well done for all the peoples in the area, both Palestinian and Jew. That is until 638 – 1099 and the Islamic Empire invasion once again threw the area into turmoil. I should point out to the followers of Newt that this is the exact point in history where the relationship between the Arab world and the Christian world began to degrade. This is the point in my departure from the historical record bits to grasp the current modern day arguments between Palestine and Israel which are so claimed to be founded in history. Not seeing that here in my years of research.

This then becomes a problematic but fully understandable conflict between these two ancient peoples that have been warring through their entire existence. Not between themselves, but to the outsiders of the region. Together they fought side by side against the worlds invaders and together they shed their blood for their land. This blood bond seems to have been forgotten. It should not be. It is the most sacred of all bonds between peoples. It should not be subject to question and it should never become a wedge driven by religious belief.

Where this all goes wrong is in the semantics of the languages used to describe the conflict. First off let’s be clear that there has never been in the history of Palestine a Palestinian State. It has always been known as an “area”. Israel until the UN said so in 1947 was never a State. It, until that time was always termed a “kingdom” at least by any work of note. The root of this whole issue is simple. It is the same root that corrupted Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is the very same root that is now corrupting all the peoples and religions of the world at this very moment. I call it “I’m in charge and your not” syndrome.

You heard me right. Everybody wants to be in charge and they will do anything they can to stay in charge. Unfortunately this is what is holding up the Palestinian State and the reluctance of NATO to recognize the Palestinian people as autonomous and capable of running their own show. Israel is not in charge of such a thing and I do not believe the Jewish people are against a Palestinian state. It’s the governments that seem unwilling to give up the “being in charge” bits. It’s also radicalism within factions touting the “we were here first” nonsense. Guess what .. all involved parties showed up on the scene at the same time, no one was first as far as history is concerned.

This then comes down to solving the problem so that Israel and Palestine can go about there own business and get along with each other again, like in the old days, when you both died on the battlefields side by side to drive out foreign invaders. There is only one way I can see to do this. Eliminate all the people that want to be in charge from the equation. No Hamas, no PLO/PLF, no Kismet, no Congress, no Islamic extremists and especially no clowns like Newt need to get involved here. This matter is not all that complicated, it just needs to be logically considered and acted upon by NATO with the very same type of declaration as they made to establish the State of Israel. There cannot be any other resolution to this matter because the bickering parties are not willing to change positions.

Palestine needs to become a State. The people of Palestine and Palestinian history deserve it and it is required by the great texts of both peoples involved in this conflict. If we are to ignore the teachings of Mohammed, Jesus, Paul, John and the rest of the great prophets of humanity, then we fail ourselves. We fail together and we fail to achieve that is what is most important to Allah and God. Peace, goodwill and love for our brothers, neighbors and enemies. This is a much higher goal, making Palestine a free and open state is but a small step for us to achieve, failure at this level is not an option, failure at this level paints a black picture for the future of humanity. Failure at this level will only prove humanity is in very deep trouble and is ignoring it’s very foundation of existence.


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