Constitution? What’s dat ?

01 Dec

This thing .. fancy document hanging in the National Archives in a frame that cost me a shit load of tax dollars. High tech you know. Argon gas and all that .. un huh ..

Feel free to click on the picture and gain some knowledge. I’m speaking to the politicians and cops in this country. They are either decidedly ignorant of its existence or quite frankly just don’t give a shit what it has to say. I’m holding out for the latter, not the former. But this I can tell you, when it comes to this piece of parchment, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance get’s you either jail time, removal from office or better yet sued to the nines in a Federal court. It’s no joke and it is quite nicely guarded by white-haired guys in robes (more or less).

Recent weeks of past have been quite troubling to some. There is an agreement that if any of the framers were still alive a few folks in governmental office would be asked to meet at dawn with pistols. We have some people running the show that are totally clueless when it comes to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This they will pay for in the coming months. There are folks out here watching and they are folks that like to exercise judicial rights.

Couple of Bills in the House causing quite the stir from a Constitutional standpoint. Once again the 4th and 5th Amendments will be challenged if it’s passed by the Senate and President. At this juncture it does not look like either bill will make it off the Presidents desk. But, we shall see. If this legislative garbage does make it into law we can expect the Supreme’s to get involved at some point.

On the State level, well that’s just a disaster. Mayors have been elected that evidently never seen the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. if they did, they missed the point. First clue Mayors is the opening 3 words. “We The People”, doesn’t say, We the Mayors. You get to run your cities, not build empires protected by your own armies. Right now, you’re getting away with it. Soon you will not. One Mayor in particular has trounced on the Articles and on The Bill of Rights. Does he really think he will get away with it? He will bankrupt the city from all the civil suits coming his way, against his office and police department. I also expect the Federal Government will open an inquiry of some sort. We are watching and ever vigilant Mayors, remember who pays your salary.

Now we move onto the cops. what are they thinking? The civil law suits for police brutality are forthcoming. Do you not realize that the fines imposed will be paid by your tax dollars? Do you not realize that your over aggressive combat styles is taking food out of your children’s mouths? Wake up fools. Do you really enjoy being a puppet manipulated by your Mayors and the DHS to erode Constitutional guarantees?? Are you so blind as to not see your nothing but cannon fodder for a higher master? Someone they can point a finger at to pass on blame. Because you wear a gun and a badge does not make you brainless. It also does not make you immune from the very same legal system your suppose to uphold. Try telling your children your losing your house because you attacked harmless civilians under the color of authority. Let’s see how that goes. You won’t be the first cop to lose his job, career, pension and dignity and everything you hold dear in your life. I’ve seen it many times in the past and I expect to see it many times more in the future. Pity .. ignorance is not bliss.

With all this Constitutional ignorance going on one would expect some form of government body to start inquiring about things. Nope, not a peep. Main reason being is the outcry is not loud enough. Where are the News Media? Their Constitutional guarantees are as well-being stomped on and they are cowering like sheep. They have to rely upon YouTube to get the evenings story because the reporters on scene were driven away from the story by the cops. How did that happen? When did the press allow getting pushed around by anyone, never mind NYPD and others. Pretty sad. We are watching.


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