The Sky is Falling – The Sky is Falling —

28 Nov

Ahh .. shut up. The sky is not falling. The planet may be suffering from an over abundance of lunacy though. Some of us folks that do a lot of thinking and a lot of head slapping got together this past week and discussed a few things that seems to have the Internet abuzz with doom and gloom forecasts. This is a unique feature of “social networking” it tends to throw light on the fact we need to seriously pay more attention to education. We are unfortunately becoming a society of folks unable to cope with society. We pretty much agree the term “social networking” should be changed to something more appropriate, like “The Silly Network”. Make Charlie Chaplain prideful .. he deserves it.

Lot’s of noise over a couple of lunatic bills running around congressional hallways. The No IP Left Behind Act of 2011 and The We Throw People In Concentration Camps Act of 2011. Look them up at

Just search for “lunatics spending my tax dollars to pass shit that will never pass”. When this point was considered by those of us sometimes called “relics” we asked around the table, where did it all go wrong? Some of us war-torn dinosaurs agree we didn’t kill enough morons. Ah well .. next time. But while we were doing that, the country changed. It changed from a focused society to a myopic society. Once we figured that out the real question then became, why? To answer this, we all decided to take a break and partake of fine spirits, herbicidal remedies for pain and deep thought.

A refocused group we became and our main thought progression began to determinate that which we all know to be truth. We know it’s truth because we lived it and didn’t read about it. The truth then became pretty damn obvious. Technology has surpassed the human minds capability to absorb mass amounts of data and process it logically to arise at a concise conclusion. One of the Captains suggested we expect to much from society, they are not Einstein. I agreed with the caveat that if collective thinking took place that all problems of society could be replaced with solutions. I also countered that today, we do not need government to solve problems. We need people to solve problems. People get the job done. Governments are dinosaurs made of marble.

Well that just opened Pandora’s Box right there. Should of had another Irish … let the belittling begin. One of the crew pointed out .. “yo Captain, whose steering the frekin ship?” I looked to a fellow Captain with the Spock look thing and unfortunately I got the “nobody home” stare. This was unfortunate, I replied ” The People!” Oh geeze .. wrong answer. Should of had another Irish.

The “people” then became the focal point of the conversation because it needed to be defined in detail before the dinosaurs would agree on anything. A few questions then began to circle the table that proved to be troubling. One was “Do we put the future into the hands of people who do not understand how the system works, but think they do?” “It is like having a Navigator that does not understand triangulation” one Captain screamed. I slid him the rum he had been nursing this night, but I got his point. We need to do better.

Another question came quite forcibly to bear (considered torpedoes at this point but held off)”Since when do Americans sit on their fat ass’s and take pepper spray to the face without ripping bodies apart?” “Has the Public become so sheepish they would allow this? If so, how does the Public stand up to evil?” Ah crap, I knew this was going to happen. I have no retort. Probably because I saw the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and figured out, passive resistance does not work. Change came about because of violent confrontation and defiance of the mass’. At which point numerous pics of people’s hero’s were passed about and we all agreed, not many of these types around today are there? Especially the two standing in front of tanks with middle finger uplifted. We need more of that we think.

As we were commiserating into our own little worlds of discovery a young, but very smart, Captain asked me, “Sir, with all due respect, do you think, with all of what is going on, that we as a collective, are at risk?” I have definitely not had enough Irish for this one. But I’ll give it a shot. Plain and simple answer. NO! I do not.

Now I have to explain my reasoning. The Mid East is no doubt exploding. relations between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US and NATO are to say the least, fragile. Israel is getting serious in Gazza, Iran is pissing off the world and Turkey is about to go ballistic and kill things the Turk way (seen all that in action, nasty business. There’s thousands on the streets all across the world protesting for change and to top it all off the Pope says”
sex predators are evil” .. just shoot me now please.

How can anyone put reason to that mess? I can’t. I pump that equation into a VAX study and I blow the frekin thing up. A serious number of steps need to be taken to solve the bigger puzzle. The first step is to understand the process. Broken down simply, there is just so much time in the day. Just so much time for reaction to circumstance. In some cases, this reaction to circumstance is automatic. This negates intervention and recall. Case in point. Mindless idiot wearing a badge exercises crowd control procedures built into his diminutive brain by the DHS and spray paints an 84 year old terrorist woman in the face with a non lethal but deadly weapon. Pondering that scene and making sense of it brings one back to the Irish malt.

The silly season is in full swing as Black Friday has come and gone. Grandpa get’s mugged by Wal-Mart security and a mother of four lets loose with pepper spray emulating her heroes at UC Berkley to protect her claim on an XBox 360. Wasn’t to bad of an attack but the cleanup crew that had to clean up aisle 6 of barf might be a bit pissed. That little incident cost this mother of four the rest of her life in shame to her children, civil lawsuits that will take away all she owns including her precious XBox 360 and any chance at running for President of the PTA. One needs to ask is evil just relegated to Wall Street or is it also on Madison Avenue?

Now came the tough discussion concerning the movement. It was the general consensus around the table that Lionel Ritchie should be singing “All Night Long” at the next GA meeting. We are afraid collective rebellion has been reduced to a big pizza party. We also are quite disappointed with the fact the some of the 99% are not getting the point of corporate greed. They keep feeding the beast. They keep enabling the 1% who is laughing at them and patting the corporate ad mongers on the back for the good brainwashing techniques. Are they that stupid we ask? Man, I have no answer for that question at all. The follow on question then became “What the hell are we doing this for if no one is paying attention?” Only answer I could come up with is “Good tunes and pizza all night long?” Yeah, and pepper spray on the eggs for breakfast.

I’m taking a bit of authorship liberty here in the descriptions of the past weeks events and our annual “meeting of the minds” minutes of conversation. I did this to provide a bit of levity to a very serious trend taking place. We all agree that change is increasingly necessary in the way the world conducts itself. We also agreed that the probability of Lionel Ritchie singing at an #OWS GA meeting is higher than getting Washington to pay attention to #OWS demands. Sorry, just being honest in the face of reality here.

The bright spot in this fog of war is the Occupy march to DC troops. Gallant effort, good Karma throughout trip, each stop brought solidarity and it was damn well effective. Unfortunately, they are about 200,000 people short and need some support to continue effectively. So we all say, “Put down the damn slice, turn off the damn music and focus on what’s important.” Your moments in the press are fleeting at best and generally relegated to 2nd section below the fold reporting. This is not going to get it done. #OWS needs to be the lead story on every front page of every paper in the Union. It does not need to be the lead-in for a feminine products commercial on Fox.

There is much to do on the battlefront. Not only at home, but also abroad. More serious issues are taking place that require attention and action and unfortunately are taking those valuable moments of the day away from the #Occupy movement. Uprisings of a violent nature are capturing press time as well as the decision makers time. If #OWS does not do something extravagant soon, they will loose the attention necessary to exact change or they will become relegated to back column chatter while freezing their bolas off in a tent city eating cold pizza. Not good.

To sum up the meeting we all agreed that the movement was but an infant in growing pains and will hopefully sort itself out. This we will not focus on for the time being. We will be focusing on the more broader issue of the continued destabilization of the Middle East through violent protest. We all agreed that what is taking place is not surprising as we all believed that Mubarak was the areas stability force. Some that read this may accuse us of being daft. Well we have been called worse things, but what we have never been called is wrong. Reason being, we lived through it all before and history repeats itself considerably. We just look to history and see the future. Some call us scary in that way.

There is no hammer whacking you over the head to take what we say to heart. We don’t care. We are not seeking any sort of fame for our observations and quite frankly, we don’t give a rat’s ass what the 1% are doing to the Lemmings. If your a frekin lemming you don’t get to bitch about the head dive off the cliff fools. The way to avoid that is to not be a frekin lemming! Instead of pepper spraying your fellow 99%’s over that XBox360 throw the frekin thing on the ground and smash it in a million pieces (then pay for it) and proclaim your not a frekin lemming, your not a 1% puppet and your not frekin brainwashed by the Madison Ave. brain-washers. That get’s front page. That get’s the idea across to the mass’s and that my friends is the way you exact change in a society resplendent in cat food commercials. Sail on .. We love you #OWS let the bell of Freedom ring true.

Report from the –
22nd Annual Ships Captains Minutes

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