They Just Don’t Get It

17 Nov

Main stream media is pathetic, I hate to say. It is almost unbelievable that this is the same venue as Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Renaldo Rivera, Barbara Walters et. al. all used to bring real news to the people and raised public awareness in so doing. All of the aforementioned folks did so under some very dangerous situations. Beirut, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and the list is endless. These reporters knew what journalism is all about and put their personal safety last. I remember watching Renaldo in Afghanistan almost getting his head blown off on a report of the Taliban in the mountains of Afghanistan. He thought nothing of it and pressed on with his story. I also remember seeing a bunch of reporters at Zuccotti Park cowering before the NYPD and bailing out on the story before it even got started. That’s where the pathetic part comes in.

Here’s an accurate image by AP of Zuccotti yesterday –

Here’s a more accurate image by OWS of Zuccotti yesterday –

One picture says the movement is defeated and void of participation. The other, the real deal. Why is this? My suspicion is the bigger story in main stream medias eyes is the defeat of the movement. If correct it is a bald-faced lie and a very stupid attempt at accuracy. Does the media not know they are being watched as well? Do they think they a get free pass on bad reporting? Not a frekin chance. This movement transcends bias news easily, only a fool would think otherwise.

Need I remind the news media that the term “Scruffy Ruffians” had already been used in the 1700’s by British Generals when speaking of the Minute Men. What that got them is the “Scruffy Ruffians” kicked their snobby ass’s all the way back to England. We may look scruffy, we may even be ruffianistic at times, but within all occupiers runs the spirit of the Minute Men and the undying allegiance to freedom for all in this world.

The story, media, is in the #OWS movements desire to change the system of malaise in this country. The story is in the #OWS movements desire for greater wealth distribution among the people. The real story behind the movement is accountability of its elected political leaders. The days of public ignorance are over. The #OWS movement is making that so, why are you so afraid of this?

Wake up mainstream media. The bloggers do a better job of reporting then you because they answer to no one but themselves. Your parent companies control what it is you report and in what manner. They are the 1%. It is their combined goal in life to see the #OWS movement fail. They will use you as puppets to exercise the means. They will fail and so will you. We out here in America are not as stupid as you may be led to believe. We see through the transparency of bias news reporting. We see through your negativity and misleading by lines.

We cannot be fooled any longer. We will not be fooled any longer. We will not quit. We will not go away and die. We will prevail. We are the people’s voice, hear us.

We are the 99%. We are the fighters for freedom and democracy. We are the Republic. We march for freedom. We march for awareness of purpose. We march for change. Respect us, or, Expect us.


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