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10 Nov

Penn State unravels after Paterno bounced –

Paterno firing campus reaction

The firing of Penn State Head Football Coach Joe Paterno was predicted. The violence after it was not. A legend has left football in shame and disgust. Disgust at himself for not paying attention to what was going on in his own clubhouse and disgust at himself for not taking the proper actions when he did find out there was evil in his dynasty.

Unfortunately he’ll go down in history not as a great coach, but as someone who tried to ignore a serious crime and got caught at it. He will reside in the ranks of others that have gone before him that achieved greatness only to self-destruct. There is no excuse, there is no sympathy and there certainly is no jumping on this guys bandwagon of professed ignorance and pathetic handling of his staff.

If this was an isolated instance, perhaps one could find it in their hearts to forgive a momentary lapse of judgement. But this was not the case. The debauchery went on for years with many red flags flying. One needs to wonder where exactly his head was at.

Aside from the Paterno firing, I find the whole mess most troubling in other ways. In walks stupidity. In this case it took place by a few thousand students protesting the firing of the head coach. It turned violent with property damage and chaos on the city streets. Where were their heads at? Up their amoral ass’s that’s where. What were THEY thinking?

This all begs the question, what the hell happened in society that places stupid games ahead of felonious crimes against children? Are they frekin nuts? I can imagine one of the idiot protesters going home to his wife and when asked why his eyes were all red and tearing and his clothes were stinking of pepper. His answer “Out demonstrating to save the coach. She would reply, the one that didn’t report an 11-year-old being molested in the shower to the cops? He – yeah that one. She – Are you going to join the Jeffery Daimler freedom movement next dear?

This whole situation is pathetic from the top down. Penn State administrators, coaches and staff especially the campus police crew failed the university miserably. They did not protect its long standing reputation on the field and off, and, they did not live up to the moral standards of humanity. They should all be fired, not just the coach and president. The focus on football overshadowed all else of import to these people running the show and their idiot supporters. Does anyone think that any one of the boys violated by a university pedophile cares whether the Litany Lions even exist? Would you if the role was reversed? Think not.

Can we agree right off that life does not revolve around college or professional sports? Can we agree that there are far greater issues to deal with other than catching a pass or running for third base? Can we all agree that sports at the college and professional levels is nothing but greed and distances from reality?

A game of sport is truly meaningless in context to the rest of life. A noted university such as Penn State has lost it’s luster and heritage all in the name of a stupid game that no one will care about 5 years from now. Is football that important? Some would say yes because it brings in big bucks for the uni and makes it attractive to future students. I say to those folks, excuse me. you’re going to spend 40K in tuition at a university not for an education but for its football program? I would not be surprised at a “yes” answer.

Sports in my opinion have gone to far in the emphasis on importance. Our heroes are millionaire 1%-ers whose only contribution in life is to dunk a basketball or throw a pass. Congratulations humanity, this is truly the meaning of life and why we are here.

Remember, while you’re cheering for your favorite team this weekend, the world is burning. The issues of reality we face today are monumental challenges to our future existence, the very fabric of humanity is being ripped apart while we watch Monday Night Football. Who cares right? Did Dallas win? Pathetic I say. Pathetic in every way one can imagine. This we need to fix because on judgement day the conversation will go as follows “What has been your contribution in life to humanity? Ans. – Well I caught the winning touchdown that beat the Jets!. Right, your off to the other place now .. have a nice eternity. Catch my drift? .. sail on.

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