Strategy Change Necessary

07 Nov

The #OWS movement has stagnated and unfortunately is losing well fought momentum. The occupations have become targets for folks that are looking for something other than change in the way things are done in this world. Most of them are street people bringing their personal grief with them to the camps and causing issues beyond the scope of the #OWS movement. This was expected. The bad part of this is, this new dynamic in the #OWS movement is more important to mainstream media then the movements voice.

Mayor Bloommers there in NY has spread the word that he wants to negotiate change with the OccupyWallStreet camp but can’t find anyone willing to sit down and negotiate. Instead he is told to come down to an Assembly meeting and address the collective. Are you nuts? It took hours for the General Assembly to decide whether or not to purchase coffee and tea supplies. This got pointed out to mainstream media. The voice of #OWS didn’t. Why? Not loud enough.

This movement is dead without serious leadership and direction. It is dead without a comprehensive and focused agenda. It is dead if all the protesters want to do is march around chanting slogans to deaf ears. We have the public on our side up to a point. That point has come and moods are shifting to “When is this going to be over?”. Folks that live near the camps are getting aggravated and want their parks back. They want to go to bed at night and not have to listen to constant drum beating. They are also 99%, we aggravate ourselves so it makes no sense., a grassroots movement to stop the tar sands pipeline proposal by TransCanada currently has thousands of protesters in Washington surrounding the White House. They are gathering high-profile support and are getting their voices heard. Over a frekin pipeline. Not over the fact of government stagnation or financial corruption. Not over inequality of class’s and the millions of people facing life on the street because their homes are being taken away from them. Over a frekin pipeline that will help us reduce Mid East dependencies.

Obama was playing golf during their demonstration. He didn’t listen to them either. Why? Not loud enough. Lesson learned here is “thousands” isn’t loud enough to reach the golf course. We need to do better. We need to go to Washington in mass and get our voices heard. We need to make it so the president can’t go play golf and not pay attention. We need to do this thing in a much BIGGER way.

The #OWS movement is relevant. It has brought the attention of the people to a higher plane. It is now time to pull up stakes and head for Big Boy town and get real about getting some changes made. We need to do this, or die in the cities, unheard and unchanged. Look at the reporting being done on mainstream media and then read the people’s comments. It’s not good. It is certainly a red flag for the movement to get it together.

We can not exact change without movement leadership or focused agendas. All things we want changed require some form of face time with the people who can make change happen. Those people will not negotiate with a crowd. As much as we like the concept of flat line management, the dynamic in this situation warrants a lead group to handle negotiations and speak about what it is exactly we are all pissed about in detail and how would we like to see things changed to government representatives and mainstream media, live, in front of the White House.

A movement with leadership, focus, planning and support is the successful movement. Read the history on other movements that were successful in exacting change and also read the failures and why they failed. Then you begin to understand the dynamic between success and failure.

The #OWS movement is on a precipice right now. Without a strategy re-think, better organization and leadership appointment, it will fail and fall into the abyss. The 99% needs representation. The 99% want success. Failure is not an option to the 99%. We need to change to make it happen.


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2 responses to “Strategy Change Necessary

  1. porker

    November 7, 2011 at 12:38 pm


  2. coloradoviper

    November 7, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Not sure of the wrong part. Perhaps elaboration is in order? Remember this post was an observation and a suggestion, it has nothing to do with mine or the other Ships Captains allegiance to the movement.


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