When is it not OK to whine

05 Nov

US general booted for Afghan remarks

See, there are times you do not whine. In Afghanistan it appears if you’re a military General you don’t get to speak the truth, they’ll fire you. Gen. Stanley McChrystal also got fired for speaking his mind. Why is this Mr. President? Why is it when an experienced, well-educated and an obvious patriot speaks his mind about what he sees in the field he gets fired? What kind of message does that send out to the troops dying on the battlefield? I’ll tell you Mr. President, it tells the soldier in the field the Commander-in-Chief does not get it and is not covering his back. I’ve been through this Mr. President with another President in a different war I really didn’t want to be in. He, as well as you, did not back the Generals in the field and it cost us lives. Many lives for no particular reason other than he thought he knew more about the war then the guys ducking ordinance. The American people put so much pressure on this weak knead moron he quit his job and we lost a war.

Since when do we side with corrupt and incompetent politicians when our men are dying on the battlefield? You have the data Mr. President. You know General Fuller is correct in what he says yet, you stab him in the back. Nice. Just what we need from a Commander-in-Chief. It is time I think for a new Commander-in-Chief that does not kowtow to foreign governments that we are trying to save.

Karzai is playing the US for everything he can get. His family is involved with the northern tribes and poppy fields in a big way. He thinks 11.6 billion in aid is not enough. He thinks we owe him something. He also thinks he will side with Pakistan in case the US finally gets serious about doing something to rid the area of terrorist training camps because Pakistan won’t. Nice. Someone explain to me why 11.6 Billion dollars of my tax money is funding this despots regime?

Time to come home. We don’t need to be in that area any longer. Yeah, we will leave behind the Taliban and terrorist training camps in Pakistan under the protection of the Pak army. Before you go dissing that, remember Bin Laden was killed 200 meters from the front doorstep of the Pak Army Training base. They that stupid they didn’t know? Doubt it heartily.

Here’s the solution to your dilemma Mr. President. Forget the oil pipeline across Afghanistan. We don’t need it and it would be a bitch to secure anyway. Forget the diplomacy. You can’t be diplomatic with despot governments. Stop all foreign aid into the area. Stop all military aid in the area. Warn both countries if a terrorist attack takes place on American soil they will be nuked. Demonstrate this by dropping a low yield neutron bomb on the Northern poppy fields. China will be upset for a minute. Russia will be impressed. Screw the rest of the world, they aren’t the targets, we are. Then stand before the world at the UN and declare the US has had enough. Explain to the world that US foreign aid to countries that refuse to align themselves with US interests is over. Explain to them the time for diplomacy has ended in this war against terrorism. Explain to them you will not fire any more field commanders for telling the truth and instead will be backing their play with a massive show of force and engagement. Enough is enough.

The people in the 99% have had it with government elected officials making this country look weak. We are tired of this terrorist war. We are tired of seeing our tax money go to countries that hate us. We are tired of building schools and hospitals in countries that want to see us dead. We are tired of Taliban thugs beating women in public squares and we are tired of Muslim radicalism. Tell them to straighten up their act or face the consequences. Then tell the UN they have to move the building because we no longer think it is an effective global body for bringing peace to the planet. They really suck at it. Also while you’re at it tell the frekin foreign diplomats they have 20 days to pay their traffic tickets or face jail time. NY would appreciate it.

It’s time the 99% put people in charge of us that are not weak knead world diplomats. It is time the 99% put some backbone back into the emblem of the President. Enough of these look pretty on TV politicians that talk the walk but can yet crawl the walk. The grand experiment in American politics is a failure. Wake up 99%, we the tax payers cannot stand or survive another decade of incompetent government and corrupt politics. We have seen the effect of voting in politicians nowhere near qualified to do the job. We saw it in Oakland, we see it in New York and we see it in Chicago and we see it in Denver.

There are movements out here besides OcuupyWallStreet. There are movements out here armed better than most of the worlds armies. These movements are the radicalism of America. They live in the woods, they survive on rations and they are extremely dangerous. I do not want to see another Timothy McVeigh emerge blowing up a frekin government building my tax’s paid for. We need change and we need it now. The consequence of inaction is severe. If the 99% can’t get it done then there’s some guys in the woods that will. They won’t be wearing masks either. We do not want, nor see this, as the way to effect change in the status quo. We need to do that through the voting booths this month.

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