Stupidity at DARPA

04 Nov

Darpa’s Plan to Trap the Next WikiLeaker: Decoy Documents .. so they say. I fail to see the logic behind this. First off if a phony document hits mainstream media because of a hack the government has to respond to its phoniness and tell the world that once again a secure government server has once again been hacked. How is this helpful to government credibility. Do you really think the public who hates you, is going to believe the dox are phony? Get a grip.

Disinformation can only be effective against a population that is ignorant. The US population is not ignorant. Stupid maybe, but not ignorant. Their stupidity rises to expectations at the voting booths across the land that continually elect stupid people into positions of power over the population. Their truth comes from mainstream media owned by the 1%. The very group thousands on the streets want dead. They are getting smarter. The government seems to be getting dumber. The people are beginning to realize the dumb blond reading news script has 0 credibility and is not to be believed. That’s where we come in.

DARPA is going to create phony dox on secure servers to catch a thief. Nifty. Honey Pots are not new, you should know this. Your own battleships have been exposed accessing servers you have no business on. Did they enjoy the BIOs bombs? Oh yeah, those weeks you spent trying to find out if an invasion of Iran by Israel had any credence to it .. it didn’t. See this Honey Pot business can be a wasteful but quite enjoyable circus.

We are aware of your tactics. We are aware of your tools and we are quite adept at making you look stupid. Stupid tricks like DARPA is proposing does nothing to promote your intelligence. It diminishes it and gives us that pay your salary’s through our tax dollars, pause for thought. Seems we aren’t getting our moneys worth.

Instead of stupid pet tricks CIA why not actually do something to avoid your servers from being breached? If a breach is an inside job, perhaps a reflection on your vetting practices should be considered? Look, there is no need for subversive tactics to catch the pulse of the world over any given situation. Just ask in an open Tweet from your legit, no strings attached, Twitter account. No need for supercomputers scanning every tweet for key words, no need for honey pots and dissemination of fake dox. Just ask. We’ll tell you up front what we think, count on it.

If you think serious evil doers use Facebook and Twitter to chat with each other your 2 cans short of a six pack. Spying on the populace of the world is cheap. It’s tawdry and just as evil as a terrorist planning a bomb attack. Now that mainstream media has exposed your idiot plan how many people do you think will be very careful at what they say on Twitter and Facebook? How did this plan get leaked to the media and why?

Do you really think we cannot see through this attempt at preventing future dox hacks? Fix your shit boys. Stupid attempts such as DARPA’s honey pots will not stop exposure of the governments corruption. We are better at this then you. we have been at this since the net began. Some of us actually helped develop the net and its many languages. Do you seriously think we can be defeated or thwarted from exposing evil? Underestimating our abilities is what we count on. The first rule of engagement is to know your enemy. we are not the enemies of the United States. We only expose evil within the United States to the people of this country. You got a problem with that see a shrink because you are seriously demented.

We are the Ships Captains, our torpedoes run silent and deep. You of many battleships beware, we are watching. You do not know us and you will not know us. We use many pipelines to get our message to the people and we cannot be stopped. We are beyond anonymous, we are the Ghost Ships of the world, we are ever-present, we are many, we are the freedom fighters of the world. Our blood runs red, white and blue. Yours, runs sand.
Ships Captain

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Posted by on November 4, 2011 in #OWS, anonymous


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