California Lunacy and a bit of Chaos

03 Nov

Yesterday was a red-letter day for the movement. The #OccupyOakland movement took on a whole new dynamic. Managing to assemble a couple thousand folks at the port of Oakland and effectively shutting it down for commerce was monumental. The mess on the streets at the homeless shelter though has the media all abuzz. More is written about burning dumpsters than cargo ships at anchor outside of Oakland’s port. Somehow I find this ironic. Why? Because those that set the dumpsters on fire and broke windows where not #OWS demonstrators. They were Oakland’s thugs. The same thugs that have plagued Oakland for years. Certainly the main stream media on site reporters can see the difference. Which now throws suspicion in the air concerning accurate scene reporting.

That crew that set dumpsters on fire captured the moment. Why? Better drama to sell kitty litter between news reports. Keeps folks seated to see more. Catch my drift here? #OWS is being played. Being played by the scum of society and infiltrated morons hell-bent on destruction. That’s their thing HOMIES! Get it?

In every national movement that has ever been. infiltrators, have always been in the forefront of the news and thereby negating the legitimate purpose of the demonstration. #OWS is no exception. This has always been problematic with national movements. Folks with agendas always jump on the coat-tails of popularity. In the 70’s it was the communists and gangsters that jumped on our bandwagon. When we figured it out we dealt with it internally by getting the baddest people on the planet to eliminate the riff raff among us. That would be the Hells Angels. Need I remind Oakland the city is home to the National Chapter?

If the movement is to remain viable, in that I mean taken seriously by mainstream media, the chaos has to stop. A peaceful demonstration in force is way more powerful than a burning car. Let the word-smiths among us counter the cat food commercial people. Our message is clear and succinct. We want change but we will not burn down the cities to get it. It serves no purpose to destroy inanimate objects in anger. It is very counter productive and those out here not on the front-line, but, using our skills in support, will continue to broadcast a peaceful message to mainstream America.

Now the significant part of this blog. Our President has not said a word about the closure of Seattle’s port. Why is that? Why is Obama not saying a damn thing to anyone other than his butt buddies about this movement? You want the answer? Because it would lead credence to the movement. He is 1% folks, through and through, he cannot recognize the movement because the puppet master says he can’t. Was the closing of 1 out of 5 national ports enough to gain his attention? Seems not, he’s silent. Too busy with re-election I guess. Too busy to see the nation burning between cat food commercials. Too frekin busy with foreign nations the American people really don’t give a rats ass about. To busy for US #OWS. Time for change.

So in closing this rant let me just say I am proud of the #OWS movement and I am proud for what they stand for. I am not proud of American leadership and I am suspect of the infiltrators purpose. Be safe #OWS the stakes have gotten bigger and the opposition will take advantage of this. We will get a lot more bloody before this is all over and done with. God Bless you all out there on the front lines. You carry our prayers and the Shield of Michael to protect you. And not for nothing .. I got ya back when it comes to getting the truth of #OWS out to the people of the world. This I promise.


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