Strikes : Pro’s & Con’s

01 Nov

A general strike has been set for November 2. Strikes are interesting as they take on a dynamic all their own. By this I mean, many strikes in history have begot changes and benefit increases for the 99%. This is a good thing, it improves the stead of the 99% and limits the capital gain of the 1%, somewhat. The truth of the matter is, any gains for the 99% through a strike are very quickly passed back onto the 99% through product price increase or other nefarious practices by the 1%. Rest assured, the 1% will never be affected by a strike.

In August of 1988, the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike. All 11,345 of them. Working conditions sucked and these guys were dead tired from overwork and very high stress levels. Had legit gripes and complaints considering airlines were raking in big bucks as well as the airports. everybody was making the dough except the guys keeping airplanes from flying into each other.

I had a good friend that was an ATC guy. He was always tired and pretty wound up most times. When he had a day off, he was usually pretty drunk. When they went on strike he was elated and thought finally, something will be done. Well couple days later he gets a call from his supervisor. He’s told if he is not on his shift that day to look for work elsewhere as someone else will be sitting in his chair. Permanently. Well Dave called the union office. They told him to stay off the job. Bad advice. Reagan went on the air that night and fired all 11,345 ATC employees. This strike didn’t quite go the way as planned. Dave didn’t receive the news well and managed to drive his car into a bridge on the way back from the pub he now was a permanent fixture at. His surviving children and wife will never forgive Ronald Reagan.

I site this example as one that starts out well-meaning and ends up in disaster. I have been on a few picket lines in my time. Sometimes we got change, other times not so much. Usually when I got back on the job I’d realize that the time without a paycheck when I was on the picket line was pretty damn expensive for me. Not so for the union. They won and made big bucks off the union members backs. See, they are part of the 1% as well. Some don’t realize that.

But the November 2nd general strike call out is different. This will be a protest strike that should benefit the entire 99%. But it won’t. The reason being is the 99% will pay for it in loss productivity. They will pay for it in increased consumer pricing. They will pay for it in loss of availability. They will pay for it in goods and services across the board. In other words the 99% who have zippo for extra cash these days will find themselves in serious trouble as well as terribly inconvenienced. Transportation drivers go on strike .. you’re doing a lot of walking. Warehouse-men go on strike .. well nothing moves. Catching where I’m going with this? The 1% will wait it out. The strike will lose popularity the moment Mom comes home from the grocery store with no money and just one bag of groceries to feed the four kids and hubby for a week until the next union strike check comes in. Unfortunately in an extended strike, like I expect the Nov. 2nd strike to become, the union checks will stop coming because they ran out of strike funds. Amazing how your dues get misplaced or invested into non-drawable accounts. 1% wins again. Been there, done that .. not so much of a union man anymore, but that’s another blog. Oh, and by the way, Unions do not recognize non-union sanctioned strikes. No Union support, no strike check. Depending on the Unions “No Strike” clause in the contract with the company you could very well be fired.

The point I’m trying to convey here is that now is not the time for a general strike. It will serve no purpose other than the 99% being further burdened with 1% cause and effect. Huh? Think about that statement for a bit while I continue.

Timing is everything in a war and believe it or not the #OWS movement is at war. Lines are drawn in the sand and some of it is bloody. This is the time to take it to the 1%. This is not the time to drop nuclear weapons and let God sort the results. We do that when we are 200,000 strong standing in front of the Whitehouse in silence. Picture it, one man or woman (preferably a woman for dramatic effect) in a Guy Fawkes mask moves the microphone on the podium in front of the masses and says one word “Now” and that word is echoed throughout the net that begins the general strike.

The people walk off the job, picket lines are formed, commerce stops dead in its tracks. Worldwide. The public consumerism for anything but essentials is halted. I don’t need to explain the Internet strike. Servers need down time just like people to readjust its shorts and clean out its pipes. (If you don’t get it, well, someone else will explain it to you in a less public forum.) The tremendous impact of the people in Washington and a responsive strike force is the nuclear weapon for #OWS and the rest of the associated worlds movements. Use it only when all other options are exhausted and all other strategies fail to achieve results.

We have just begun this fight my friends, this battle is going to be a long-lasting one. The entrenched 1% still think we are a novelty one liner on local news. First, we need to wake them up, then we need to make them pay attention, then we need to have them open their ears and listen to what we have to say. Then we see if they change. If not, well further steps to get them to pay attention would be forthcoming and a bit more convincing in nature. (Chaplain Steve is tapping my shoulder and saying “biblical in nature, put that in ..) ok, biblical in nature. We just won’t sit by the gunpowder kegs this time. Guy Fawkes, gunpowder kegs .. get it?

Sail on ..

Oh, leave a comment (keep it clean, holy men read this stuff) whether you agree or think I’m stoooopid and should shut up. See I’m the 1% on this blog, if I don’t like your comment I can delete it. Kidding, would never suppress free speech of any sort, I always have the option of sending a torpedo up your ass .. heh heh.


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