Oakland Police Confused

01 Nov

The Oakland Police Officers web site has published an open letter to the citizens of Oakland. You may find it an interesting read, I did. The link to it is at the bottom of the page. Come back to this point after you have read it. Welcome back, read on.

Are you as stupefied as I was after reading the thing? Seems the left hand is slapping the right hand around about the head and shoulders. Also seems Oakland taxpayers are getting screwed nine ways to none. Well, here’s the thing. When you elect an incompetent ass to run your city, you get what you voted for. Sorry, no sympathy here. Should have done the homework before pulling the lever, no?

Oakland PD can’t blame the idiot Mayor. Waffling is a democratic byproduct of an incompetent mind. They should know this. Perhaps less time at the local cop shops and more time paying attention to your world is in order. So here’s the deal Oakland PD. Pointing the finger at the idiot in charge is useless because when you point that finger, you have 3 others pointing right back at you.

Being a cop or for that matter a soldier does not relieve you from the responsibilities of being a thinking human. You guys and gals on the force all know what’s right and what’s wrong from Mom and Dad right? Well maybe some of the Neanderthals in Denver I’ve run into may be the exception. Face it. When the idiot Mayor said “Go get them.” You all got blood thirsty and turned the brain off. Hence the bloodshed and maiming of an Iraq War Vet. The Mayor didn’t do that folks, an unthinking police robot did that. He has now become the poster boy for police brutality. No excuse. He pulled the damn trigger on unarmed civilian tax payers that pay the damn cop salaries. Where was his brain? Heavily embedded in his ass I do believe.

So to the Oakland PD all I can say is save the “but she made us do it” stuff for the coffee shop crowd. You all have brains, you all have the ability to think (unless you’re a steroid pumper, which I strongly advise is not released onto the public unless we are invaded by a foreign country) and you have a mouth. You get a stupid order you have every right to refuse that order. Some cops in Denver did, they turned in their badges and told them to all screw off they were not going to shoot on unarmed civilians. Those cops are hero’s to the 99%.

You can also can the “sworn to protect and serve” crap. You want to do that, then go get the real bad guys carrying machine guns off the streets of Oakland. They present a far superior danger to the population of Oakland then some student in a Guy Fawkes mask pissed off about the way things are being done in this country. If you guys and gals of the Oakland PD really want to do a service to the 99% take the day off on the 2nd. Start a petition to remove that idiot from office that is sending the mixed signals and incompetent orders that’s making you all look like Gestapo Storm Troopers. It’s really bad for tourism, you know?

The most important thing you cops need to know is this. Those folks in the #OWS movement are out there demonstrating for you and your families. There is no singularity to this movement. Those folks want to change things around so that all people benefit. They are out there on the front line to voice their opinions and to exact change for you and your families benefit. I seriously do not think shooting them or arresting them will benefit your family very much. Think about it. If you want to claim to be a part of the 99% then be a part of the 99%. Don’t shoot them with “Non-Lethal” projectiles, don’t drag them to the arrest van by their handcuffs and for heaven’s sake keep your baton in the holster. Here’s the thing, when your beating on a protester, your beating on your families advocate. Get it? Geeze, now that wasn’t so hard was it?

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Posted by on November 1, 2011 in #OWS


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