Elite Are Mocking The Poor – 1% Wake Up!

01 Nov

Yadda Yadda Yadda .. No kidding. The 1% is oblivious to reality. We know this, which is why good people are freezing their ass’s off or getting stomped into the ground all over the country. There is the 1% and then there’s the 99% idiot that follows the 1% like a lap dog. We need to retrain the lap dogs. Bad for publicity.

So here’s the deal to all those wanting to know what the deal is. The 99% are unhappy with the 1%. That’s a given. So far the 99% have been docile. It is a better approach over armed conflict don’t you agree? When you look at the drunks at those Halloween parties the 1% had just say to yourself. Fools. Gunna get a torpedo up ya ass one of these days.

See 1% we can be nice. Our current mission is to get you all to listen. Evidently you have no ears. So that pretty much diminishes your status in humanity to the level of slugs. They don’t have ears either. What does a good gardener do when he/she’s garden is infested with slugs? They call on the pesticide guy in the Guy Fawkes mask to rid themselves of the infestation.

You catching the subtleness of this conversation there 1%? You see you have made a mistake in having your debauchery shown to the world. You have made a mistake with your words and concepts of the #OWS movement. But most importantly to me is you threw down the gauntlet of ignorance and antagonism. Not very smart for rich guys. So let me try to point out why you don’t kick the giant in the ball’s.

Behind the #OWS movement are some pretty smart people. So smart in fact they can penetrate and burn industrial equipment in foreign lands without detection. No need for bombs. No need for loss of life in covert ops. Just a few guys on a mission. There are others behind the scenes that are what Ships Captains call “Penetrators”. Sneaky little fella’s that get into your underwear drawer and expose your skid marks. Then, they hang it all up for the good folks of the 99% to see. Quite embarrassing one should think. Especially to your family. Then there are some folks behind the scenes with exceptional skills at re-arranging things on servers. While they are at it they take a peak at what you have been up to behind everyone’s back. You will know they were there when you watch the 6:00 news. Unfortunately by that time the world starts addressing you as scum.

Get it 1%? My strong advice to you is not to push. Pay attention to the voices outside your window. The alternative is to sweep up the mess of your life after the torpedo’s strike. This is something we want to avoid, we want peaceful understanding and change. That’s not so hard to understand now is it? No need for drama, just good faith negotiations. Calling us names and mocking the suffering of the 99% gets but one thing of certainty. I’ll let you figure that one certain thing out all by yourselves. Being clueless in Seattle is a good movie. Try not to be a supporting character.


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Posted by on November 1, 2011 in #OWS


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