Apologies, Bloody Noses, Chaos

29 Oct

Congratulations to Scott Olsen for getting an official apology from the right Mayor of Oakland Jean Quan. Of coarse she turned herself around because of a thoughtful epiphany that she was now the most despised person in the country. Had nothing at all to do with realizing she screwed up big time on the world stage and her political career is now in the toilet. Ah well, at least Scott can point to his scars and tell folks he used his head to off a Mayor .. chicks will dig your humor Scott.
Bloody Noses
The weekend is a bloody mess. We got 99% falling out all over the country with busted everything. But not in all occupied lands. Only a few cities seem to be prone to violence. The rest are waiting it out. Some are renaming occupied parks after historical figures and even Oakland is renaming the killing field to something more appropriate and has told the folks (99%) they will be left alone. Nice gestures ,, now give the damn generators back so the people can stay warm you damn heathens.
Not quite sure what happened to the concept of being prepared in Denver’s case. They are definitely not prepared to take on the Denver Police force. Not knowing how to track an arrest is seriously rookie stuff. Running around downtown Denver doing pretty much of nothing but waiting for the cops to punch your lights out and haul you away to the detention center, gains ? Gains you scars and war stories, gains the movement zip. Retreat OCDenver, re-group, re-organize and do some damn intel before, you take on the toughest swat team in the country. While your at it remember this. You cannot defeat an enemy you do not know. Your success is in the homework. Put a couple laptops to work and figure out who this new police chief is and what he’s all about. He will bring his past experiences to the job. From our intel so far he went for the Atlanta job and was turned down and his own cops think he’s a racist dolt. Do some research, his past is checkered and it’s not all good. But that’s for a later blog when I get around to it.

We really need to take this circus on the road. Nothing is being changed except for the 99%’s efforts in getting their bodies rearranged by local cops over real estate squabbles. Doesn’t make any sense and definitely does nothing to advance the changes we are all screaming for.

Think about it. Dessert the cities, meet again in the only city we need to be in to get our changes onto a platform of respect. 200,000 angry folks coming together at the Washington Monument is an awesome spectacle that cannot and will not be ignored. Every politician in Washington will want a piece of that. Just for the news face time if nothing else. If you march on Washington people that can actually see that changes are made will be there. They will want to be on your side because of the association. Yes, you may think who needs them. Quite frankly, you do.

Martin Luther King used every trick in the book to accomplish his will for change. From marching, to behind the scenes negotiations. From speeches to backdoor threats. He knew the system and he knew how to manipulate it to his advantage. He wrote the textbook on civil unrest. It would do for all movement participants to educate themselves in his tactics. They worked. If we wish to prevail in this battle, we need to pay attention to history. Let’s attempt to at least leave the bloody bits out of it unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Right now, it is not.


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