Who is pulling the puppets strings?

28 Oct

Silent Bravery

Over the past few weeks analysts within the ranks of Ships Captains have begun noticing a disturbing trend across the nation. At all #OWS encampments. Police response is undeniably escalating across the board and the tactical deployment is curiously similar. Almost as if there was one tactical commander leading the echelon. In recent days we have seen extensive use of after dark and very late night raids on the encampments to achieve maximum psychological advantage over the protesters who are worn out from marching and demonstrating. This tactic is used across the country and seems somewhat orchestrated. This in of itself suggests a much higher authority is pulling the strings. This is not good.

The analysts seem to agree on one point. The Mayors of this country are not tacticians. Unless a previous held job taught them crowd control tactics and strategies, these folks are being directed by someone that does. It is not the police chiefs either. Granted law enforcement does take advantage of the many classes and symposiums held throughout the country by the FBI, DHS, DEA, ATF and other lesser known government agencies in the business of law enforcement tactics. The analysts all agree though local police departments will put their own flavor into the mix during a tactical situation in order to maintain a fluency of response. Analysts further agree we are not seeing that sort of attitude in tactics and according to them we are seeing a direct textbook approach. This is highly suspect.

As with all things analytical, the more data present, the more accurate the analysis. It is suggested demonstrator tactics should therefore be more orchestrated to thwart the police strategy for optimum effect.

Ok, now that I have bored you with some hifalutin thought processes going on around the Captains tables let me sum up all the dialog. Get smarter than the cops!

Here is what is being considered to help the ground troops;

1. Hold daily activity to a bare minimum. The majority of the movement should be away from the city and sleeping in a safe encampment. Night activity after dark is by the majority, well rested folks and it should be extremely mobile. Running the cops all over the city will test their endurance and make them wish for daylight. This is a tactic used a couple of hundred years ago by the Minute Men, It worked.

2. The only embedded encampment should be out of the city on privately held land. There the needs of the protesters can be addressed without fear of having everything ripped up and hauled away in a city dump truck, It also becomes the safe harbor for strategy and action committees. From this encampment, all protest activity can be organized and then sent into the city for maximum effect without protesters worrying about returning to a destroyed camp.

3. Deployment. Small fast groups are the key. Trying to organize and control 1000, or so folks at once is pretty scary. Contacting a remote group on deployment in smaller numbers is doable and effective in countering police deployment in a real time situation. This tactic is well known as the “shock and awe” approach. It keeps the demonstration moving and mobile. Something the police are not all that well equipped for.

4. Winterizing. In the colder climates that #OccupyChicago, #OccupyDenver, #OccupyBoston and #OWS in NY face is extremely important and needs to be planned for now. Strategies should be shifted towards shuttling groups back and forth between a safe encampment and the activity area. A warm demonstrator is a happy demonstrator, a cold cop is a cold cop. Lethargic and not quick of wit when his feet are frozen to the ground. Army Surplus stores are a great resource for winterizing the crowd. Emphasis should always be in keeping the bodies core temperature above 87 degrees F anything below is the onset of hypothermia. Remember wet clothes will dissipate the bodies heat very rapidly. Stay dry and wear the proper outer garments for the current weather situation. Wear footwear designed for maximum insulation. US Army issued “MuckLucks” available at any Army surplus store for cheap will keep your feet nice and toasty .. proven in some of the coldest places on this planet.

5. What to expect. Expect escalation as your tactics change. You will frustrate the opposition and they will react accordingly with or without direction from above. As it gets colder and wetter during the winter nights tempers will get shorter. A miserable cop that is armed is a dangerous cop. Police tactics expected will include the use of crowd dispersing water cannons. In the winter getting everyone wet and miserable is the name of this game. Prepare for it. Try and use intell. gathering on police equipment yards. Monitoring the vehicles used in crowd control will give you a heads up to prepare. Pull out the handy ponchos available at all Army surplus stores for cheap. Proven in Vietnam as the best umbrella in the world. A dry demonstrator is a happy demonstrator and an empty water cannon is just a big boat anchor.

We are not trying to do anything but provide a few survival tips to those in harms way. Hopefully our experiences from the past will help those not as experienced. We can not stress enough the need for civility when confronting the police. Name calling, throwing pebbles, paint, crap, whatever, at the cops is antagonistic. Quietly standing in defiance in the face of the opposition presents rewards to the movement on the world front. Think. What is the first image that comes to mind when thinking of Lech Walensa or that young Chinese student in Tinnimen square facing the tanks. Silent bravery. In other words stomping on the giants toes will only get you squashed. We hope this helps. We will continue to look for the puppetmaster, we will find him and prepare targeting instructions for ships crews. We are the 99%. We will prevail. We are watching.

Ships Captains


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