Siege or Curiosity

28 Oct

I had a vision last night. I saw the masses moving from Oakland to New York on foot and marching towards Washington. I saw them increasing in mass as they passed through the cities and towns of America. Then I saw them standing on both sides of the reflection pool at the Washington Monument. Silently. Staring at the White House and the Congressional buildings. Suddenly a chant begins “Silent no longer, silent no longer” the sound reverberating with the intensity of thunder rolling through the buildings of Washington.

This is where I see the #OWS movement in this country headed. The city level protests now are more siege like. I ask myself, what’s the point? #OWS has already made it’s point. The 99% have had it with government, finance and the police state. I get it. Now we need to make them get it and I’m not talking about the cities. The people that created this mess in the first place are in one city. Washington. Home of the Fed, FannyMae and her boyfriend FannyMack, Home of the politicians that waste our tax money and protect the 1%, and, most importantly, the very seat of power of the land.

This is where we can exact change. This is where we can hold the “People’s Court” and hold those accountable for the misery in the land. This is where our very purpose of existence will shine. The world will be watching and will see exactly what American freedom and democracy is all about. What a great teaching tool it would bring to the world.

So I ask,, is the point to siege the cities? To what end result? How are the cities causing that which we the 99% are vocal about? Wall street is the only unique site, but, unfortunately contains only stuffed suits behind office partitions that have no power to change things we are pissed about. That takes place a few hundred miles south of there.

The question looms then, will the #OWS movement become a curiosity or will it become the mighty engine for change? Our time is narrowing, soon something else will capture the worlds attention. We need to show the world that Americans know what it takes to be an American. They need to see the unity of the land, the courageousness of it’s people. What they don’t need to see is police in riot gear blowing the face off a Marine just back from Iraq. Hard for them to do that when the numbers of voices are in the hundreds of thousands.


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