Open Prayer For Scott Olsen

27 Oct

Father, we come to You today in prayer to lift our voices to You and ask that You throw down your shield of protection over Scott while he undergoes his coming surgery. Father we love you, and praise your name, and we hope you will guide the surgeons hands as he works with his skills to restore Scott’s health.

Father, Scott Olsen is one of your angels on earth. He is a warrior for all that is righteous and he fights for all of your people’s freedoms. No matter the land. Scott is a hero to us Father, he ran towards the bullets, he put his life, soul and spirit at risk to protect us all from evil. He deserves our prayers Father for he carries the Shield and Sword of Michael.

Restore him Father, lift his Spirit and ease his suffering. The people need him Father, they need his spirit and love for freedom for all people’s. We ask these things in your Son’s name Jesus Christ. Amen.

Chaplain Steve for The Ships Captains

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Posted by on October 27, 2011 in #OWS


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