Open Letter to The President of The United States

27 Oct

Mr. President,

Sir, I come to you today to ask that as Commander-in-Chief of all Military forces in the United States why is an Iraq War veteran lying in the streets of Oakland with a head wound that has left him in a coma. The soldier, Scott Olsen was exercising his right as a citizen of this country and was upholding the oath he was sworn to when he enlisted. To protect the Constitution of the United States. He did sir, what the United States asked of him. He now lies wounded, not on a foreign battlefield, but here in the United States.

Mr. President, I am a veteran as well from the Vietnam era. Seeing Scott lying in the street of an American city bleeding from his face and head brings back emotions I have not felt for many years. These are emotions bred into me through military training, war and witnessing death in the name of The Constitution of The United States are not something I enjoy. These are also the same emotions flowing through the veterans throughout this country appalled at how the Mayors of the city’s are reacting to peaceful protest under the umbrella of the very same doctrine I fought to protect. It is deplorable sir, it is totally UN-American and I am ashamed.

You have the power to stop this incursion into the people’s rights, you have the leadership to bring about a stop to this attack on freedom on American streets. You have the power to be the voice of freedom and the power to see that the Constitution cannot be overridden by municipal code and sir, you have the ultimate power to stop it and rid this country of leadership that does not embrace the precepts and edicts guaranteed by the founders of this great nation.

Mr. President, I was in Vietnam at the time of the Tet offensive, when it was obvious to all of us in the field this battle was going to get bloody. I saw men of valor struggle to maintain self-discipline and courage in the face of an awesome insurgency. Many of us did not come home from that battle. Many of us have never recovered from that battle, it is still with us. The last thing I needed to see Mr. President was an enactment of the carnage on American soil. Sir, it is duty and honor the men in uniform serve and it is that same duty and honor that was served by Scott on the streets of Oakland. It is the same duty and honor veterans across this land that are standing between armed police officers and the civilian protesters encamped in the cities. Stop this debacle that unfolds to the world on live video feeds and distorts the truth of what this country is all about. Help me believe that my sacrifice for this nation was worth it. Help me to make others see that the people marching in the streets chanting for change are the 21st century Minute Men. It was how this great nation was formed hundreds of years ago. These demonstrators are the people of America Mr. President. The very same ones you and I took an oath under God to serve and protect.

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