Open Letter to the Mayor of Oakland

26 Oct

Dear Mayor;

Your actions yesterday against the peaceful demonstration march of YOUR citizens reminds me of someone else that gassed his people. That would be Saddam Hussein. Do you think you should be exempt from the same reaction to such an act? Are you so pathetically hypocritical that you can disregard common decency towards people with differing opinions and visions of how things should be that you can resort to using deadly gas on your people?

Yes, I said deadly gas Mayor. If I was to walk into a cloud of that stuff I would die almost immediately in a very horrible way, I would suffocate. My lungs have been so damaged over the years, starting with Vietnam, they cannot provide enough oxygen to my body and must be helped with oxygen infusion. Therefore you executed me for having a differing opinion then you. Please justify that action. Please justify the firing of weapons on the people that elected you to office causing serious injury to some. Yes, Ms. Mayor, rubber bullets are not harmless, nor are shotgun bean bags. They are designed to succumb the person they are being fired upon. Is a person with a differing opinion than yours so evil you must shoot him or her?

Please explain your logic in releasing your police force on peaceful demonstrators when your city is rancid with drug lords, gangsters, murderers and despots. Would not the people be best served by applying this show of force on the real bad guys that inhabit your city? Is it not apparent that an easier and safer target would be the demonstrators. They don’t shoot back do they Mayor. No, they simply bang a drum or two and raise their voices in despair.

You will not win this war Mayor. You will however create history and martyrs. Do you really want to go down in history as the Mayor that harmed the city’s people ruthlessly in the name of public safety? Do you have any idea what is taking place on your streets? Do you even care? Do you not believe in freedom for all and the freedom that all people in this country possess as a right guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States to do exactly what they are doing on your streets? I think not in all cases. I think, and from your actions through your police force that, you are no better at human relations than Saddam was.

Wake up Mayor. Your credibility as a humanitarian is suspect. Your credibility as a leader of worth has been compromised. You have chosen a path towards your own destruction in politics. You will be known as the Mayor that fired on her own people with deadly gas and riot weapons when no riot was present. Your actions Mayor are decidedly anti-American. True patriots of this country hold all things sacred within the Constitution of the United States. True patriots uphold those beliefs with their blood and sacrifice. When you took office you swore to uphold the principles of justice and fairness to the people you govern. You broke that oath, you deceived your people,

Your actions will not end the occupation, but your actions could very well escalate and exasperate the situation. Do the right thing Mayor,apply force to cleanup Oakland of the bad guys, not the good guys. Actually perform a public service to the people that elected you to office. Clean up Oakland, but not with the bodies of peaceful demonstrators fighting for equality in a nation that is under duress on many fronts. Embrace the movement and be an asset, not an obstacle. Give them a place to gather in peace without suppression and harm. Bring their cries for change to the political forum you embrace and speak loudly. This is a perfect time for you to become the first Mayor in the nation to support change in the way we do things in this country. Show the world that not all city Mayors are as despicable as Saddam Hussein.

I am one of the 99%, I am a patriot. I believe in the practical application of the Constitution of the United States. I will die to protect that application. That is the difference between you and I. The Constitution is in my soul, the rights of the people are in my blood. I feel sorry for those that cannot see, cannot hear, and cannot speak. I feel sorry for the people of Oakland, your representative is doing you a disservice. I seriously doubt she is doing the majorities wishes. Speak out Oakland, save face and let America know Oakland is not such a bad place to live, it simply has a misguided leadership that will most likely be replaced at the next election.

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Posted by on October 26, 2011 in #OWS


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