Oakland Shame

26 Oct

Iraq Vet Wounded For Freedom
Scott Olsen – Wounded by a gas canister and is in a coma.

There you are Ms. Mayor. This son of America, this boy of freedom, is laying on the ground, wounded by one of your riot police during a non-riot situation. Using deadly force. Please show us the city statute that gives you that right? Don’t bother, there isn’t one.

Mayor this act by your police in using deadly force on a peaceful demonstrator is deplorable, unconstitutional, and I would say offhand breaks a dozen or so civil and federal laws. This the city will pay for. This the citizens that elected you to office will pay for. Expect many lawsuits and removal from office soon. Expect your city council to ask for your resignation. Expect a call from the President. Expect many calls from the 1%, expect many calls from the 99%. Most importantly expect public humiliation and belittlement. Expect the Internet Underground Mayor, they are coming and in force. Thanks to your actions you have put Oakland on the radar. The war you started and is coming your way is unstoppable, it will touch all of Oakland. I pity you, for you do not know what you have done, You have created the perfect shit storm. My advice Ms. Mayor is a long extended vacation somewhere where there are no phones or cell towers, no computers or IPads. No aides giving you stupid advice. I hear the Gobi dessert is nice this time of year .. not to hot. Shall I make a reservation for you ?

You have become the poster child for the movement and are the epitome of the corrupt nature of those that lead in this country. The officer that fired that tear gas canister under your orders was not qualified to shoot tear gas into a crowd. Getting hit in the face from a tear gas canister is exactly like getting hit in the face with a can of soup fired from a cannon. It is a deadly weapon. Are you proud of yourself? Feel free to explain the reason you decided to destroy human life with deadly force to your children and family. They will be proud of you. Don’t forget to tell them though that the person was an American Hero exercising his constitutional rights.

This hero of America was marching for peace and equality for all people’s of America, he was again putting his life on the line for freedom. This time in his own country.

When you look in the mirror this evening to take off your makeup, reflect on the face you see. That’s the face that through your actions put an American war hero in the hospital for protecting the very thing he as a soldier was sworn to protect with his life if need be.

You just don’t get it do you Mayor? You don’t get that the people’s of this world that were silent for too long, have risen their voices in unity, to right that which is so wrong.

I fear the escalation of violence towards protesters will only result in negative gains to you and the city of Oakland. You cannot win a win-less war. You cannot arrest or harm an ideal. You cannot change the truth through lying and turning a blind eye. Only more will come, more will pick up the banner of freedom and march. You cannot defeat the principles or fairness and equality and you will certainly not prevail in the war for freedom.

Americas birth was founded on protest. The OWS movement is history repeating itself. It would be in your best interests to pay heed to the reality of those kids in the street chanting. They are the Minute Men of the 21st century. They are Americas voice to the entire world at large. Pay attention, you just might embrace the concept of what it is to be an American Freedom Fighter. The script was written hundreds of years ago, you are now seeing the reality of it.

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Posted by on October 26, 2011 in #OWS


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