NY mayor dedicates first aid station in Jerusalem

25 Oct

JERUSALEM (AP) – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in Jerusalem to dedicate a first aid station and meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bloomberg dedicated the station, built with the help of donations from him and other Americans and named for his father, in a ceremony Sunday.

Meeting with Netanyahu, Bloomberg gave the Israeli leader a U.S. flag and asked him to pass it on to the family of Gilad Schalit, the Israeli soldier freed last week in a prisoner swap with Hamas.

Netanyahu told Bloomberg that Israelis appreciate the “forthright support of the people of New York and the people of America for Schalit’s release.”

Bloomberg said New York’s support for Israel was “strong and unshakable.”


Editors Notes;

How nice. While Bloomberg is playing footsie with Netanyahu his city is in turmoil. Sort of like Nero eh? Wonder if he plays the violin. It would be nice if Bloomberg actually stood up for something in the US, perhaps donate an aid station to the #OWS folks. They need it to patch up after Bloombergs Gestapo go into action. I sure hope the good Mayor didn’t tell Netanyahu that he was representing the people of the US or just New York for that matter. Perhaps if he had spent the money for that aid station he donated on oh let’s say the homeless folks living on the streets of New York, I’d be more inclined to support him. But alas he went for the politics instead.

There is something decidedly twisted about Bloomberg. He obviously does not take the movement seriously and considers it more of a nuisance than anything else. Perhaps a petition for recall is appropriate. Any politician that puts personal foreign policy ahead of a comprehensive and far reaching goal to satisfy the global outcry needs to be replaced. He is not doing the peoples work. Replace him with someone that will.

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