Enter the Police State – Not on my watch

25 Oct

Recently we have seen in areas across the country an overwhelming use of force on peaceful demonstrators. The raids in Denver, LA, San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago and New York are troubling and are cause for suspicion. The actions by police officers on basically harmless demonstrators goes beyond reason and reasonable force. Attacking war veterans? People that shed their blood to protect your freedom? People that deny themselves the luxury’s of life so that they can confront and destroy evil on your behalf? I have but one description for such an individual .. your scum. You do not represent the 99%. you are the epitome of evil and a puppet for a useless government.

You have the weapons, we have the voice and the pen. Who do you think will prevail in this battle? There are many veterans of wars here and you now have provided them with the ammunition to come together and voice their grief. They are the hero’s, they are the fathers and brothers of freedom in this land. They are the quiet ones that get the job done and don’t brag about it. They are the standard for the 99%. You are not.

Mayors across the country wake up. Using steroid pumped goons to drag freedom loving people across the streets of America is stupid. You will be defeated and you will not prevail. The actions you take today will be your consequences of tomorrow. Those same people you have your goons beat up and drag off are the same people that will be in the voting booth the next election. They have friends, their friends have friends and on it goes.

I am a war veteran. I left pieces of me on foreign soil while helping others obtain the freedom all people should have. My friends are veterans, my friends friends are veterans. We carry the banner of freedom deep within our souls. Police Departments across the land respect us or expect us. We are the 99% and quite honestly way better trained for war then you.


We Are Watching

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Posted by on October 25, 2011 in #OWS


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