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20 Oct

Welcome to RWWWB

Our Mission statement

This blog is intended to be the voice of RWWWB to the public. Our mission is to provide our members with a superior Internet experience in a safe and friendly environment. Our goal is to help other Internet users overcome situations that prevents them from having a free and open Internet.

The Internet was designed by free thinkers, to bring all of the worlds peoples together to share experiences, cultures and most importantly their ideals. To this end, we at RWWWB embrace all cultures, faiths, beliefs and viewpoints.

We emphasize the importance of respect. regardless of the nature of an opinion. We support truth. In all it’s varied forms. We, the collective of RWWWB and it’s support Captains embrace the #Occupation and the movements philosophy of peaceful protest to garner change.

A Word From Ships Captains

We do not support suppression of web sites through defacement or attack as it is in of itself imposing your belief system on others and your suppressing their right to an open free Internet. We do support targeted missions against those that oppress, scam, cheat, raid and destroy and use the Internet as a tool for self gain. We are the the Ships Captains. Our ships run silent and deep. Our torpedoes are mighty and programmed for maximum results. We do not do circus tricks or magic. Nor can we be hired. We do not brag about accomplishments, but, you will see the results. We are watching, we are the 99%, respect us or be ever watchful.


We at RWWWB come from all walks of life and the age demographics puts us in the 23-70 year old bracket. Our members represent all major religions and political views. The collective educational level ranges from high school grad to PHd.  The majority of core members are all degreed in some form of computer science/engineering/programming/networking/site design and other disciplines related to the Internet. Most of the RWWWB users are using the latest in cutting edge computer systems and devices while others are tinkering with pre-release beta software and testing new methods to enhance your internet experience.

Blogging on this blog

Feel free to lift your voice but please respect RWWWB’s desire to maintain civility in all discussions. Posts to the blog are moderated and are subject to editing to eliminate offending language.  Any editing done will not change the point of your post, it will simply be to enhance your public image to one that gets his/her point across without resorting to trash talk.


If you have any complaints concerning blogs on this site you have two choices. The first is to exercise your right to comment in the public eye on this site. Two, you can hit the “Back” button on your browser. We believe in free speech for all people. We do not believe in selective free speech. We are 1st Amendment advocates and all that write in this blog do so under it’s shelter.

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