Interfaith Prayer For 2017

Interfaith Prayer For 2017

The Grotto in Bethlehem, Palestine

Birthplace of Christ

Let us pray – Father we come to you this night in fellowship and love. To sing praises on high to your glory and grace. We bring our love to You as Your dutiful servants in unity and purpose under Your watchful eyes. Bless us Father with your divine Grace and love and bring us relief from the pain of intolerance and hatred we face in this world today.

Father we ask for forgiveness of our transgressions and pray for our salvation from a world full of hate and disparity. Fill us with divine love and tolerance for those who deny You. Bless us with peace and prosperity throughout the world and lighten our burden of despair. For it is within Your divine light we seek our destiny and it is our purpose to fulfill Your desires for all of humanity.

Help us achieve our goals of righteousness Father by guiding us through the Holy Spirit in our prayers, and allow us freedom to pray and serve You the best we can wherever we may be. Cast down those who offend you and remove the blockade to our salvation and houses of worship by those that deny You.

Father we are under siege, our foundation is crumbling before your feet. Heresy has replaced love, violence has beset tolerance and hatred reigns over the place of Your Son’s birthplace. We ask for intervention and relief from those who block the pathways to You in so many ways with their sloth and greed. We pray for their salvation and may You judge them accordingly.

Father we ask You to protect the children who fight and die in the streets of Jerusalem, who stand before Satan and repel the heresy with nothing more then stones and courage. Bless them with peace so they may grow and serve you righteously as they do everyday of their young lives. Fill them with courage and hope, love and compassion and bless them with eternal life for their service to You.

We love you Lord, through Your divine grace we beg forgiveness and lack of stewardship of Your creation. We ask You to guide the corrupters of this Earth who desecrate our skies and firmaments with poisons who seek earthly treasures. Bring to them the light of salvation and correct the error of their ways of greed. Bless us with hope that we may right the wrongs done to our home and guide us in stewardship of the beasts and fauna of Your grand design.

Father we ask You to help us prevent war with understanding and fellowship. To fill our hearts with compassion and charity to those less fortunate. Help us fulfill the needs of the homeless and oppressed, who flee from the tyranny of wars throughout the lands. Cast down Your judgement to the defilers of faith, who corrupt Your commandments with impunity. Condemn them to the depths of Hell for their heretic ways and protect those they wish to conquer with the shield of your armor and the dual edged sword of Michael.

On this day of celebration we are under siege, denied our homeland by the heathens who deny Your Son Jesus, denied of piety and modesty through government heretics who attempt to dilute our faithful ways. Cast a shadow over their domains Lord and deny them peace of mind until they change their ways. Bring to them joyless life, deny them earthly riches and subject them to the same suffering as those they oppress and deny.

Bless our unity Father, bless our brothers and sisters of faith with Your never ending love and fill their lives with prosperity and peace. We love You Lord, we are thankful for the chance to serve you in our humble ways. We ask for peace for all of mankind and we ask for the salvation of our planet from the pestilence of ignorance and suffering it endures. Of this we pray .. amen.


Al Aqsa- Dome Of The Rock


Under Siege -The New Faith Of Hate

Under Siege -The New Faith Of Hate

After a long week of incredible personal attacks and even death threats, I thought it time to speak out against the rhetoric of hate and ignorance, enjoined by many so-called Christians who have lost everything Christ stood for. Brotherhood of mankind under the watchful eyes of God.

The education of these so-called Christians, led by preachers who sell God for profit and personal wealth, is abominable. At every junction I see nothing but hateful vitriol spewing from the fountain of ignorance. Is this what Christ is about? Of course not. His ministry was far more than exposing the corruption of the Temple, chastisement of sins and evil ways. It was love, compassion, tolerance and charity. It was education of humanity and stewardship of self and this earth we call home. It was the joy of giving to others less fortunate, to heal those of sickness and despair, acceptance of those unfamiliar with the ways of faith. It was forgiveness of the lost and the vision of eternal life. The greatest man who ever walked the face of the earth is under siege. A sin before the very eyes of His Father. Of this I pray for forgiveness for those who have plagued His thoughts, deeds and words. I pray for their salvation and pray for their enlightenment.

It is not just the Christians who have lost their way from deceit spewed from the mouths of their leaders, but also the Muslim brothers and sisters of faith, who are defiled in thought by renegade clerics in madrassahs throughout the world. Clerics who vent hatred for agenda driven causes of control and power. This is not what Mohammad(pbuh) had visioned, this is not what being a Muslim is about, and it is not acceptable in the teachings of Allah(swt) to pervert His commandments given through the Quran and Hadiths. It is nothing less than hijacking the faith for agenda.

The age of tribalism is over. This is the 21st century, yet 2000 years after Christ died on the cross it still exists throughout this world. Does any faith leader or follower seriously think God is pleased? That His only begotten son Christ died for our sins, yet we still sin against Him? Where is the logic? Where is the purpose of faith? Where is the humanity we all were taught by His sacrifice? Lost. Lost in the deserts, lost in the mountains and lost in our minds. We have failed God miserably in ways unimaginable in the very foundation and roots of our faith.

Holy Land Under Siege

Holy Land Under Siege

In the Holy Land we see a new form of hatred and division of Abraham’s children. The Zionist infestation of folks who do not have faith of any sort in mind, and desecrate the land that Jesus walked on by their very presence in it. Fueled by false ideologies and greed, pushing a historical agenda no scholar of history supports in the hopes of conquering a land they have no right to be in. As I have written before, Palestine is, and has been, the rightful owners of the land these people claim is theirs. Under the odorous lie that there never has been a Palestinian State. Except there has been for over 4,000 years, and these are the people who worked and lived on this land, long before the Hebrew tribes left Egypt. It has been named and renamed by foreign invaders for millennia, but the fact remains, Palestinians are the indigenous people. Science supports this, not prefabricated falsehoods. Yet it remains to be the talking point for foreign invaders claiming ownership. The history of the region has never been more examined then that of the Holy Land by those that seek truth in the foundations of faith. Deceit of history cannot be accepted as a viable reason for invasion and subsequent murder of a peaceful, loving people. It is nothing more than colonialism, in an age that should not accept it. It is an abomination to God and to the father of the Abrahamic faiths. It is also a situation that fuels racist hate throughout the world that leads to extremism.

ISIS In Syria

ISIS In Syria

Unless you have been living in a cave you have become aware of a new sect of lunacy being called “The Islamic State” . Rampant thuggery, despotism, murder and high crimes against God is their agenda. These people are not Islamic. They are not Christian and most certainly not Hebrew. They are nothing more than left over trash from countless conflicts around the world with nothing better to do then rape and pillage, much like the Huns from ancient history. Everything these thugs do is contrary to the teachings of faith, yet are glorified by cheerleader photographs in the main stream press. Why this happens is obviously agenda driven. It sells commercials and ad space. It also underpins the foundation of religion. Not just Islam either as the rhetoric of support fuels their very existence as legitimate. It is not. No leading cleric supports their claim including the most radical held in prisons with ties to Al Quida.  They are nothing but lies and deceptors of truth, a plague upon the lands of history. They must be stopped and destroyed, not idolized by the youth of the world that fuels their ranks of death merchants. Governments that protract war around the globe are the reason they exist at all. They have become the useful idiots to drive a wedge between the true believers and fuel unconscionable hate for the agenda of greed. Again an abomination to God by the faithless. It fuels despotism to the highest level of Governments, as we currently bear witness to in Turkey, and it continues to accelerate the demoralization of humanity.

Make no mistake. Religion is under siege. From without and within, religion is being supplanted with hate and despair. Does anyone thing 5 billion Christians and Muslims will succumb to the onslaught and not react violently? Read a book. History shows the answer to that one. No, we will not. We see it in Palestine. We see what it means when a loving people are suppressed and ruled over by despotism. They react and they are reacting violently because they have no other course. Their legal avenues are blocked at every turn by the very people who oppress. Only a fool would not think this reaction would not come, nor is warranted. Unless Israel comes to its senses and begins to live in peace and justice of equality it will get worse. The religious world will not stand for its foundation in Jerusalem to become a 21st century metropolis of corruption. Not for very long. History will repeat, but not on horseback with spears, with rockets and bombs.

Where does this siege come from? What is its purpose? Why did it start? These questions are the questions we should be asking each other. These are the questions most important to peace. These are the questions humanity as a unit must resolve and put behind in order to achieve its higher destiny as God commanded us to do. Go forth and be fruitful does not mean plant fruit trees and watch them grow. If we are to succeed we must be equal. We must embrace each other as equals. One not superior to the other. When we speak, we should be wise in our thoughts, with truth and conviction. Teach to enlighten, but do so with ears open. Be wary of your audience. Cultural interpretations are important in discussions, history, words chosen all carry meaning in enlightenment. Superiority does not.


Palestine 1885


Today we are faced with yet another war over land in Palestine. A war of hate and greed and nothing to do with religion. A people oppressed and a people of colony. There is no rhyme or reason to this aggression in the Holy Land, there is no such thing as the right to return for any particular singular entity. None. Religiously what Israel is currently doing is what had them driven from the Holy Land at the time of Solomon. Heresy. Disobedience to the will of God. No right to return until the Messiah brings them back. That hasn’t happened, and when it does, who is to say it will be the Holy Land. Perhaps it will be someplace else to rebuild brotherhood and righteousness. Who knows but God what will take place. Arrogance has no place in Gods realm.

Jerusalem, the Holy City, is also under siege. A declared by International Law “Open City” under the law for all to enjoy and  participate in religious conclave and celebration. Unfortunately it too has been invaded and oppressed, by an agenda driven cult of non-indigenous people.

Democratic Oppression

Democratic Oppression


Zionists Attack Jews


It is not enough to point out the obvious, the faiths of Abraham have been corrupted through perversion and agenda driven greed. As such it is turning brother against bother, faith against faith, country against country. It must stop before the world is inflamed in another global war with dire consequences for all of humanity. This won’t happen until we solve the root of this plague that has fallen upon this earth.

The issue of world peace is complex in so many ways. If one was to look through a single eye the consensus of opinion would be this is going on because of this or that. If we look thorough both eyes and at the big picture we can see an entirely different reason. A much bigger reason than most who are not trained observers would miss. I call it global tribalism. Tribes throughout the globe, lead by people with agendas of one form or another, that protract misery on others to achieve some purposeful end goal. This goal can have many facets to it that require manipulation, capitulation and or outright war for gain.

If you control the media, you control the dialog. If you control the sustenance of the population, you control the population. If you cannot do either of that you go to war. This end result is what we see in the pockets of hell spread through the Middle East theater. The players involved in this drama are actors with a script based on agenda. In the Middle East theater this is about oil and natural gas. In Israel the conflict with Palestine is the perfect example of how a cult corrupts a faith to achieve a desired result based on scripted agenda.

Al Aqsa

Dome Of The Rock – Al Aqsa Mosque

The Red Line

Al Aqsa is the hot spot of Israel. It is this way because of a culture driven by greed, not religion. which it is using to hide the intent of purpose. Israel controls the media and education of its people, so that the masses do not get, nor are correctly informed, of the truth. Al Aqsa is not the site of the old temples, it couldn’t be as it still stands when the rest of Jerusalem was destroyed and completely overturned to rubble. This was commanded by the Romans to insure all gold that had been melted and poured into the foundation cracks of buildings, to hide it from the pillagers would be found. But only Jerusalem was touched. No structures outside of the city were to be touched or torched as commanded by Rome. Al Aqsa stands because it was not in Jerusalem, in fact it was the garrison of a Roman Legion during Roman rule. The same garrison that was involved with the siege of Masada chronicled by Flavius Josephus between 73-74 CE. Same time frame that the Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem. The other prominent truth is the eye-witness accounts of the perpetual stream inside the Temple for the anointment of Priests. One eyewitness was King Malik I, Solomon’s son and King of the Ethiopian Empire. There is only one stream in Jerusalem and it is the same site where the Ark Of The Covenant resided, stored inside of a tent under guard for 10 years, while the Temple was being built. There is no stream, nor has there ever been a stream at Al Aqsa. So then why does this lie exist at all? Why is this particular site so important to anyone besides Christians and Muslims? Christians and Muslims both believe in the Prophet Christ (PBUH) and hold great reverence to His birthplace, the place of His death and burial, as well as the Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) Ascension from Al Aqsa. The Red Lines for these two faiths of Abraham are drawn in blood around Al Aqsa. Together, Muslims and Christians fought side by side throughout history in repelling foreign invaders in Jerusalem. At the time when Jerusalem was ruled by a French King, there were only about 200 Jews living in their conclave in the old city during the 11th century. They did not stand against El Salahadin’s armies, they were not on the walls of Jerusalem. Only the Christian Knights and Palestinian farmers and laborers stood the vanguard. Their bravery that day saved Jerusalem from destruction as it fully impressed Salahadin to the point he allowed all to leave or stay in peace, as he knew these men were warriors, protecting the houses of God in Jerusalem to their death. A brotherhood born under siege can never be broken, nor ever be forgotten.

If one was to remove the excuse of Al Aqsa, and it is plainly an excuse, what then is the cause of this conflict? Greed and agenda driven purpose. They vilify the oppressed indigenous people for fighting back with words like terrorist, radical, extremists and so forth, to further augment their deception to the masses, the main stream media supports the dialog because it is controlled by the Zionist culture that permeates every facet of human existence. One can not steal another’s land resources without making up a plausible lie to support the inhumanity. The West Bank is an oil depository, offshore Gaza is a massive natural gas reserve worth billions. Need motive? There’s the motive, there’s the lie exposed that pulls the curtain away from the deceit of Israel, and unfortunately, is supported by the greater power, USA, due to its Zionist infestation by government policy makers, that fund these candidates into office.

Palestinian/Christian army stands against the Ottoman Empire

Palestinian/Christian army stands against the Ottoman Empire

In Syria what we see here is more of the same with a larger selection of actors and agenda seekers. What started out as a civil rebellion against a despot leader with nothing more than pop guns and sneakers for combat gear, some brave young men went about the business of freeing up the people’s rights to live in a country less oppressed. Unfortunately this created a situation where rebel factions supported by Zionist controlled entities emerged in the name of Islamic State. Chaos is generated and actors with petroleum on their minds began the game of brinkmanship while the people suffer under horrible conditions to the point they must flee for safety. Make no mistake, this is not a religious war to form a new Caliphate. This is nothing more than a war of greed and corruption, the trademark of Zionism and the corrupters of Islam led by a maniac with an agenda and quite clearly a shady past tied back to Israel. The complications of the political nightmare doesn’t stop with the removal of Assad, it goes much higher to the complications of Russian/American brinkmanship that dates back to WW2. Syria is a side note just like Chechnya and the Ukraine was in this chess match that no one will ever win.


In Yemen, another rebellion takes place by a people who want equal representation in its government. Steps were taken, promises made, nothing gets resolved. The conflict then became more tribal in nature when neighboring states supported whatever faction of the day fit their agenda. This will end soon as no one wants a protracted war in this particular theater due to the proximity of the straight and what that means to the global community. That is the US Red Line and it will be protected with extreme force if necessary. Again this is not so much a religious war but a centuries old tribal conflict that is taken very seriously in Islam of the Middle East. A conflict that is political in nature and falls in parallel to the Christian faiths as in who should lead the church. This from a religious point of view is most absurd because God/Allah(swt) leads the church, WE are His SERVANTS, NOT HIS BOSSES, CLERICS .. figure it out before He figures it out for you in a way you won’t be pleased with.

Hamas in Gaza -Freedom fighters are not terrorists.

Hamas in Gaza – Freedom fighters are not terrorists.

We should not put all of the blame on Israel in this conflict either. One of the biggest issues Palestine faces is it’s divided government between Hamas and the PLO. Symbiotic in nature but is chaos in form. Hamas governs the Gaza Strip with an iron hand, Abbas and company the West Bank equally so. Israel smiles at this division in unity of government and plays the role of agitator in both cases.  It plays well with the dialog of Palestine not being a real state as there is no centralized government or singular voice that represents all of the Palestinian people. This is problematic to the world and needs to be resolved through free elections and unity of purpose. Just as soon as the elephant in the room (Israel) gets out of the people’s way the situation will be resolved peacefully as Palestinians overwhelmingly desire it to be so. Remove the agitator and peace becomes the reality.


As this document shows Palestine was a  state with a central government in 1912. Years before Israel became one. Their lies are  folly when so easily debunked.

Make no mistake about Palestine, like every other state on this planet it has folks in power with agenda specific purpose. Some of it good, some of it self-centered. This is to be expected anytime you have humans seeking power over the people. It is the nature of the beast. We must pray, but do diligence of thought of the beast we elect to lead us. We must achieve the ultimate expectation of freedom for all of the people in Gaza and the West Bank, bring the millions back to the homes they were expelled from with impudence driven madness fueled by world Zionism. This is a truth the world must face, come to grips with, deal with, in a justifiable manner, with a concrete resolution for the Palestinian people. The current state of affairs is totally unacceptable to rational minds throughout the world and could very well trigger a catastrophic war in the Holy Land not seen since the Crusades. But this time it would not be just an Islamic revolution, but more of a unified Christian/Muslim crusade as Zionism is the common enemy. It’s place is not in the Holy Land, it’s place is in Hell.

Now we move on to the bigger players in the theater of drama of the Middle East with Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The level of complexity in understanding the inter-relationship between these governments beguile those without a solid historical foundation of the Middle East. Even to those of us that do are often mystified over certain issues with no basis other than what we call “an Arab thing” .. this is equivalent to the Western culture euphemism “doing your own thing”. Unfortunately we see the Arab League doing just that as the Arabian peninsula goes up in flames. The Arab League should be the UN of the Middle East and solve the regional issues. Not the West. Complacency in these times is arrogance, not strength. Through this posture, avenues of extremism evolve against Arab countries. Much more can be accomplished then having tea in Doha with the oil barons bragging about their new acquisitions. Much much more is at stake. Ignorance and weakness fuel despair.

The biggest crime of the century was the invasion of Iraq. Western involvement in the affairs of the Middle East have been nothing short of a dismal failure. Western democracy can not work in the Middle East. It is culturally abhorrent to the people and it’s leadership. It is not the Arab way, it is the western way. This issue alone fuels the zealots and radicalized peaceful people more than the agenda driven cave dwellers spouting hatred in the name of God. The west needs to extract itself with all due haste and let the people’s right to self-determination become the sole issue the Middle east should face. By supporting puppet regimes the West interferes with the very fundamental right of a democratic society, it’s foundation of self-determination without interference or influence. Hypocrisy of Democratic nations becomes painfully obvious to all.

Stepping back now we look more closely at the overall picture of world fires and the pattern becomes clear. At every turn we see the Zionist hand at play, we see war chests fueled by specific targeted industries, we see corruption of law at all levels, in all nations. We see mass movements of humanity escaping conflict areas and most importantly we see the incredible and undeniable truth of world lethargy fueled by the continual bombardment of specific agenda driven programs designed to sedate and blind the opposition to its corruptness. This becomes the breeding ground for radicalism and that has taken on many forms. It will also be the downfall of all of humanity.

Murdered for being Palestinian

Murdered for being Palestinian


 Complicit governments abound to support murder and genocide in Israel.

This poor woman was murdered recently in Israel while driving her car in Jerusalem.Ten armed thugs opened up on her with automatic rifles. They claim she had a knife that they could not possibly see in her car. Found after they killed her. This is outright murder and no one has yet been brought to justice for it. The woman is a 71-year-old grandmother, a non threat to anyone except a wayward grandchild. I asked all current US presidential candidates what they thought of this event the day it happened on Social Media. I have yet to receive a response. Because there couldn’t be one other than outright disgust which they cannot publicly display due to harming their backers image. I asked the President directly how I would be able to explain to these children why their Grandmother was killed and couldn’t be with them for Thanksgiving. I received no answer, nor did I expect one, as I knew there are no words to explain to these children a death that should not have happened. When a country is led by people who fund their campaign they serve two task masters. A situation totally unacceptable to being a patriot of that country they supposedly led.

Ignorance and hysteria control the minds of lawmakers throughout the world.

Malala Yousafzai speaks during a media conference at the Library of Birmingham, in Birmingham, England, Friday, Oct. 10, 2014, after she was named as winner of The Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize 2014, is awarded jointly to Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India, for risking their lives to fight for children’s rights. Malala was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman two-years ago in Pakistan for insisting that girls have the right to an education. Birmingham, England, Friday, Oct. 10, 2014. (AP Photo/Rui Vieira)

Malala Yousafzai speaks during a media conference at the Library of Birmingham, in Birmingham, England, Friday, Oct. 10, 2014, after she was named as winner of The Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize 2014, is awarded jointly to Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India, for risking their lives to fight for children’s rights. Malala was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman two-years ago in Pakistan for insisting that girls have the right to an education. Birmingham, England, Friday, Oct. 10, 2014. (AP Photo/Rui Vieira)

Everyday I am encountered with hatred by supposedly God-loving people. The same people who scream out from the rooftops to kill all Muslims. Everyday I see the ridiculous knee jerk reactions to the lone wolf attacks being hailed by the media as an Islamic uprising, a revolution, a holy war against the world .. and people are buying into it like Pavlov’s dogs. Countries like France banning the hijab to prevent what? Hair terrorism? It’s ridiculous and certainly mentally immature to think this woman is a threat to society because she wears one. You don’t get a Nobel Prize for Peace by being a radical terrorist

Racist hatred of Christians and Muslims who are not white permeates our faiths.

aboud-manPalestinian Christian from Aboud, Palestine. An artisan that made his own cross.

In the Christian world we are witnessing a new breed of cat we call the Zio-Christians .. a group that supports Zionist terror with unquestioning loyalty that is equivalent to the radical followers of the cave dwellers in Tora Bora. Same perverted view of God and the Prophets. Same vengeful, hateful rhetoric, spews from mouths a gap in rhetorical anger. Not one bit Christian, not one bit followers of Christ. Christ had no hatred, walk His path or be known the fool. This man is your brother, not your enemy. To hate him for being brown and Arab is to hate Christ Himself. For that you doom yourself to Hell.


Syrian Christians at Mass singing praises to God the most high while endlessly enduring the bombing by other countries with surreptitious results.

Brothers in arms know no fear.

Brothers in arms know no fear.

During the Egyptian revolution church unity became important to the faithful. This is what God intended for all of us to be. To protect and preserve our faith and one another in times of crisis. We are at a crisis point in the history of our faiths, a point that we can retreat from with deep thought and intellect. A point if crossed drives us into the abyss of a meaningless existence, and the abject destitution of our soul. A step off the cliff of oblivion, is the step that enters you into Hell. We should consider that the end of our humanity is very near.

 Governments around the world need to really take pause and examine what they do in greater detail and depth. Colonialism is a thing of the past and has no reason to be present in the 21st century. The meddling and failed attempts of regime changes throughout the Middle East and Eastern bloc Europe has beget nothing more than ISIS mercenaries hiring out their souls to the highest bidder. Countries fermenting hate turn out terrorists like renegade mating rabbits. We are the breeders of hatred and terror through protracted wars and influences. Goals of cheap oil and gas influence drive inhuman decisions, while thoughts of God and the Prophets lay in ruin at their feet. This is unacceptable in the modern age. This is unacceptable to God and most assuredly unacceptable to minds matured beyond greed, avarice, sloth and conquest. Minds that plan futures, that live in peace with their neighbors and go forth being fruitful in the ways taught to us by those that came before. Man will not achieve greatness through constant war. Only in peace will man fulfill its destiny. Only then will we finally learn our true reason for being alive at all.

In Islam we say before we begin anything of worth “Bismillah arRahman arRahim” it means “In the name of Allah, most Gracious most Merciful” to remind us that we are His servants and all that we do belongs to Him, and through His Grace, we will complete our quest righteously. It moves us to do good works, not evil, and it instills in us in every way, to follow in the footsteps of the Holy Men and advance our status in God’s eyes by doing so. When we finish our work and look to the sky we utter “Alhamdulillah” and thank God for giving us the ability to fulfill our duty. This is what being a Muslim means, not waving black flags with fancy calligraphy to impress the news media with your perverted view on being a Muslim. Not killing innocents with impudence and not being arrogant in your ways.

Christians and Jews have much to learn in being a true servant to God. We must look to our brothers and sisters of faith who remind us what it means to truly be a faithful servant. Ask yourself when was the last time you thanked God for anything? I will wager it is only after a catastrophic event in your life and then you continued on ignoring Him until the next calamity strikes. This is wrong. This is not being true to your faith, nor is showing up to church once a week to ask for forgiveness of the mess in your life you made the other 6 days. This is lazy. This is not fellowship in Christ nor brotherhood in unity of purpose. Muslim communities are tight-knit family oriented people. Peaceful and loving and charitable to those less fortunate. There is so much humanity in Islam it is difficult to find fault with this approach to serving God.

Interfaith studies have opened up new pathways to me in understanding faith and the cultures within them, to better serve God, in ways I thought unimaginable when I began my ministry. It taught me tolerance, understanding, devotion, brotherhood, and the joy of embracing cultures never before exposed to in ways I thought not possible. The history of our faiths, the cultural interchange of ideas and word of mouth stories handed down through the millennia in many forms, all paints a picture of religion that is absolutely fascinating. A joy not many ever get a chance to feel because they are locked up in a box of intolerance and hatred.

I am a Christian in every sense of the word. I live the life of Christ and I walk in His footsteps with humility and humbleness. I was rich once of earthly treasure and realized one day all that I had been was an empty vessel with expensive glitter on the outside. Even though I did good works with what I had, I was not fulfilled. Once I unburdened myself and changed my ways from arrogance to humbleness I began to fill that empty vessel with the joy of life itself. To be open to others thoughts and visions, to embrace life in brotherhood and love is to accept Christ into your life. Muslims, Jews are my brothers and sisters in faith and in peace. It is time for the rest of the world to put down the mantel of intolerance and hatred and to begin again by saying Bismillah arRahman arRahim and do life the right way, in God’s way, in the ways of the Prophets and the Holy Men. Without arrogance, without any agenda other than to serve God and humanity righteously. Of this I pray. Amen.

Jazak Allah Khairan,

God bless and may the peace and goodwill of God find its way to your doorstep,

Muharib Razz, Interfaith Pastor

Re-United World Wide Web Brotherhood

 One day you will be free.

Dedicated to the children of Palestine

Dedicated to the children of Palestine


The International Criminal Court – Fact of Fiction

The International Criminal Court – Fact of Fiction

Currently, Palestine has before the International Criminal Court, a complaint filed on behalf of the Palestinian people, against the State of Israel for war crimes committed during last years war on the people of Gaza. Having been an eye-witness to this war remotely through distributed real-time streaming video cameras throughout the conflict zone I strongly feel it is justified.

The question here is not about Palestine, or Israel, or the definition of war crimes, it goes more to the credibility of the International Court, to bring about meaningful justice to those found guilty. Israel is not a member of the ICC, nor is the United States, who by all rights and purposes, is as well complicit in these crimes, as they willfully supported the war with weapons, support and financial aid. Other nations may also be at risk complicity, for doing the same, who may or may not be a signatory member of the Rome Statute that created the ICC.

This of course brings to bear the question of outside pressure being born to the ICC to facilitate stifling whatever agenda, outside of International law, demands. Including subversive tactics to prevent the legal wheel from turning. This then becomes the focal point of this concern. How can we insure the ICC is a viable and credible source to seek justice on the International stage. How do we prevent any outside interference from non-member states from influencing the Court?

The picture shown is of the UN school in Gaza being bombed by Israel with white phosphor weapons. The effect was devastating and killed many innocents sheltered within from the war. There is no question the rule of law was broken. How to enforce same is problematic. This becomes a serious question as to what exactly the ICC can do when non-member states refuse any legal action by the ICC. Without an enforcement unit to see that justice is carried out regardless, it then begs the question as to it’s viability as a world court.

Pressure on the United Nations to address this issue falls into the same situation with the veto power of non-member states and their proxies sitting on the UN Security Council. Again we encounter the credibility of the UN to prevent further crimes against a member state who is engaged in internationally recognized criminal activity. This is an enormous failure on the world body to prevent unjustified humanitarian grief for which it was originally charted to do when formed.

If the UN and the ICC are to remain legitimate entities to solve world issues by the rule of law, things must change drastically. or what’s the point. There would be absolutely no recourse but war. A war no one wants, and could be prevented from, if the UN and ICC were capable of performing their chartered duties uninfected by negative agendas. If the actors are not held accountable for their actions before a court of law the recourse is war or capitulation, and neither of those is acceptable in the 21st century.


OPEN LETTER To: Honorable Norman A. Mordue

May 12, 2014

To: Honorable Norman A. Mordue

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you this day sir as a friend of the court in the matter of US Government v. Stanley L. Cohen.

I, like yourself sir, am a judge of law. I am an Interfaith Minister, you a Judicial Minister. As such, we both must judge men based upon the laws given to us by our authorities. Yours come from men, mine from God. The argument can be made that one law is higher than the other and I submit that one who ignores God’s laws generally ignores man’s law so they are intrinsically entwined. Hence I hope with all due respect and humbleness my words do not go unheard in this case.

I have known Mr. Cohen for quite a few years and due to our interests in fighting for the freedoms of others have crossed paths unknowingly for over 40 years. It is through the marvelous advances in social network technology that we found each other and realized that for years, we’d probably stood next to each other chanting or screaming out our indignities over the unrighteousness of the land through organized marches and demonstrations across this great country we both call home. It is with profound honor that I call him friend. Do not confuse this solicitation on Stanley’s behalf with a judgement of right or wrong according to man’s laws in this case. I am not a lawyer nor do I pretend to be one, however, I am an excellent judge of character and men’s souls. When I touch one as fine and pure as Stanley Cohen’s it gives me a divine hope for mankind. Something I do not get on a regular basis I can assure you.

Stanley’s focus throughout his life has been freedom and justice for everyone, not just the selected few who can afford it. He hasn’t been motivated by advancement in status or monetary gain. He has always focused on the law, using it as a hammer to forge righteousness for those wronged by the nefarious acts of others. He does this, your honor, in places where most men would not go without an army to ensure their personal security. He does this, your honor, because his personal safety is of no concern to him and his only concern is to get to the truth and see to it that justice is properly served. He does this, sir, under great pressure and personal sacrifice. I have seen him work globally to the point of exhaustion. Does any man that would go to such lengths attempt to subordinate law based on trickery and underhandedness? I think not as I have worked in Stanley’s office. It is not your everyday office. It is full of blowing sand, men with guns and bombs, treachery, and cris-crossed streets of danger controlled by renegade gangs whose concepts of religion, democracy and freedom leave much to be desired. This is the Middle East, this is Stanley Cohen’s office. Westerners truly have no concept of its day-to-day reality. This is a place where man’s law is ignored and religious law prevails. A place where a white skinned Jew from New York has very little chance of being accepted, if not out right killed by the very men he chooses to be a litigator for in a court of law to see that justice is properly served. This is a place where the litmus test of survival is based on the man’s integrity. Stanley Cohen has passed that litmus test and set the bar for others that may follow.

As I read through the legalese of the indictment and subsequent plea agreement I ask myself is this justice or a perversion of justice. As I look at Lady Justice I decidedly see a very unbalanced scale. One heavily over-weighted side of the balance beam being held down by the elephant’s foot with a mule braying in achievement. This is not justice sir. This is nothing more then an attempt to silence a freedom fighters voice. If this trial were to be held in Solomon’s Court I submit to you sir, the defendant would not be the one questioned. The wise see through the draperies of deception and misdirection and I submit In the Court of Solomon it would be the accuser who would be having the bad day.

Stanley chose to drop this burden he’s been carrying on his back because it has come to the point where he can no longer perform at his usual 110% for his clients. His family has come under duress, his clients were being told to drop him because he’s going to prison, that he is a bad guy and won’t be around to help them. What insane form of ethical law is that? I had not expected this from the government for which I served faithfully, bleeding on foreign soil to protect. I am personally ashamed and offended at the underhandedness my government has shown in this case. The United States Government is attempting to put a man behind bars that is currently fighting Kings, Prime Ministers and despot governments throughout this world in the name of justice. Can anyone involved in this case say the same? What happens to those battles sir? What happens to the millions of souls counting on his success in the International Criminal Courts? And we do this why? For sloppy book keeping? Because a man that lives in New York City uses a safe in his office or keeps a safe deposit box? When a man is focused on seeing justice served to a despot government that is ruled by tanks and guns to save millions of harmless citizens from death one can easily imagine how little he is thinking of IRS forms when staring down the barrel of a 155mm tank cannon. This he has done. A few times. This he will do again when this is past. This is Stanley L. Cohen, at work. No desk, file cabinet, fax machine or secretary. Just him, alone except for a local contact, in a place where men disappear for all the wrong reasons. Just him, his heart, and the courage of his convictions keeps him from becoming a statistic.

When Stanley was considering taking on the Abu Ghaith case (Bin Laden’s Son-In-Law) we talked about it. I told him “Stan, you’ll be the most hated man in America if you take this guy on as you and I both know it’s a slam dunk loss to you before it even starts.” He said “I know” and I asked him why he was going to take it (I already knew why but wanted to hear it from him.) He said “The law. It’s about the law and it’s purity.” Subsequently the court decided to shoot the messenger preventing exposure of the real truth of the case to the public. Justice was once again laid aside to support a government agenda that perverts the law to suit it’s means. To someone that understands the purity of God’s law’s I fully understand his battle, as I face the same battle everyday with renegade priests and clerics throughout my world ministry. The purity of the law is what makes men like Stanley Cohen sacrifice all of what they are for it. Stanley Cohen is such a man, So was Jesus Christ. This case in the biblical sense is that of the shepherd who stood before a charging herd of wild ox to protect his sheep . The shepherd was subsequently run over by the charging herd. Instead of praising the man’s bravery he is imprisoned for impeding the charging herd. A grave miscarriage, if not travesty, of justice

The outcome of this case not only strips this freedom fighters ability to right the wrongs of injustice in this land but also strips his ability to continue the fight for parity on a global scale of millions of oppressed and denied peoples. He loses the battle for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia against forced slavery. He loses the battle of the oppressed peoples of Palestine on the very edge of destruction from a formidable invader of its lands. He loses the battle of Egypt’s right to an elected democracy against a despot dictator that leads by the rule of force and not law. He loses the battle to save freedom of self-determination being denied by millions world wide. He is the voice of these people -the standard bearer of democracy and freedom from a country that the world despises for it’s protracted perversion of justice. These are the values every war fighter such as myself, put their lives on the line to protect and serve. His incarceration serves no purpose other then to silence that voice heard around the world. The country needs men like Stanley Cohen, the world needs men like Stanley Cohen. I submit sir if all of the messengers are shot who will be left to fight the righteous fight so desperately needed in a world gone mad with injustice? Who will be left? The false Priests? The liars and perverts of freedoms? The bearers of false witness and deception? This subverts all that the rule of law is suppose to protect and serve and will result in total anarchy and chaos. It is a clear and present danger we face as judges of mankind sir, one that takes courage to stand and shout “ENOUGH!” to stop. I pray to God that you have the courage and wisdom to see through the drapes of deception and derail this tragedy of injustice.

I wish to thank you, your honor, for taking the time to hear my voice in words and I pray that I have given some insight on the man, not the law, that often get’s missed in the fog of battle. I pray justice and the lady’s scales are re-balanced in your courtroom. Blessings to you sir and may peace find it’s way to your doorstep.

Pastor Razz
Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Leader
Reunited World Wide Brotherhood

RE: Excerpt from Case 5:12-cr-00316-NAM Document 77 Filed 04/14/14


Crim. No. 5:12-CR-316(NAM)

United States Of America v. Stanley L. Cohen
Plea Agreement Rule 11(c)(1)(C)
Hon. Norman A. Mordue, Presiding

5) Elements of Offense:

a) The defendant corruptly (intent to secure an unlawful advantage);

b) endeavored (acted knowingly and intentionally to bring about a desired result);

c) obstruct or impede the due administration of the revenue laws.

6) Factual Basis for Guilty Plea:

a) Failure to file individual and corporate income tax returns with the IRS for tax years 2005- 2010.

b) failure to file and causing his law practice to not file form 8300 with the IRS when funds were recieved >$10,000 in currency in one transaction or two or more related transactions in the course of his trade or business;

c) failing to maintain books and records documenting financial information concerning the operation of Mr. Cohens law practice (before and after it became an LLC) including gross receipts, income and expenses.

d) failing to provide books, receipts and records to his tax preparer for his law practice (both before and after it became an LLC);

e) failing to file a Form 1099 or W2 with the IRS documenting compensation paid to an individual who perfomed services for the defendant and his law practice during tax years 2004-2010;

f) keeping significant amounts of cash in a safe and a safe deposit box;

g) redacted to “it became an LLC);”

h) making regular deposits of cash into personal financial accounts, often in amounts <$10,000, thereby avoiding the filing of Currency Transaction Reports with the IRS;

i) instructing an individual to receive cash owed to him or the law practice and then conduct wire transfers with some of that cash in Cohens name and on his behalf in amounts under $10,000;

j) paying for expenses of the law practice with cash;

k) receiving non-monetary payment in exchange for legal services, and not maintaining business records of such payments and not reporting such payments as gross receipts or income; and

i) receiving cash payments from clients and others acting on behalf of clients for legal services;

all of the above actions obstructed and impeded the IRS in accurately calculating the revenues, receipts, expenses and taxes due and owing from the defendant and the law practice (before and after it became an LLC). All in violation of Title 26 USC Sect 7212(a)



Religion vs. State – Why?


There is a case before SCOTUS that is of considerable interest to the tired claim of State separation from religion. This particular case focuses on opening prayers at Government institutions. Atheists and Jews are against it as it is a violation of First Amendment Rights. Thirty years ago SCOTUS had a similar case and pretty much closed the door on the argument as being not founded in the 1st and rather has been the country’s policy for over 200 years, and they saw no reason to over rule the practice.


The atheists argue that it impedes their freedom of not being subjected to a ritual they wish no part of. The Jews argue because it is a Christian prayer through Christ that they are forced to bow and pray to someone they wish not to and do not like being told what to do by a Christian Minister (stand and bow their head). Both arguments are senseless because the counter argument is simple. Don’t like it, tough. Minority does not dictate to the majority in this country. Never will. Special disposition for minority opinions has always been accepted and certain conveyances have been put in place to appease. That is what freedom is all about. Hear all, but the majority rules the day.


The Atheist argument becomes invalid for any number of reasons, the first and foremost is what harm does it do? It does no harm but does start the proceeding on a high note of morality, purpose, truth and fellowship. Atheists evidently find that sort of thing repulsive. So did Satan. Another point is it ignores the fact that atheism is in of itself a religion. A religion of no God exists, is a belief system, in as much as being Christian, is a belief system of a God that does exist. Someone should explain that to the atheists sometime so that they get it right. The other strong point and probably the most important is that the USA is a Christian nation and the majority of the population by an overwhelming margin are Christian believers. what that says in my book of rules.. go find another country if you don’t like the way this one prays as you have no standing in the majority. The one filing this case claims she is embarrassed because all stand, she doesn’t and sticks out like a sore thumb. Evidently she has more mouth than substance as a believer of her faith, a serious problem with convictions of her non-believer status.


The Jewish argument is also ambiguous as her claim of exclusion is invalid. Rabbis are asked to participate, they tend to not choose to do so. Clergy that do, tend to keep the prayers very non denominational and generic to God, who is recognized by all faiths. Why a Jew finds that repugnant is way beyond my understanding of being faithful to God and not just a particular practice. If you can’t pray to a God that you believe in what does that make you? In my book of rules .. faithless and a heretic to Old Testament teachings and commandments.


I am an Interfaith Minister in that my belief system is founded on one principle. Service to God/Allah/Jehovah/ and the other 25 or 30 names God goes by. I also teach the wisdom of Christ and all of the Prophets including Mohammad (PBUH) and Moses. These are Holy Men from times long ago who spoke only goodness and taught the ways of leading ones life on the path of righteousness. What ill will towards humanity is this? None. So why not teach it all? Exclusion is ignorance. Exclusion is intolerance, and quite frankly agenda driven foolishness I will not allow in my Church.


The case can be made that religion is the cause for wars and divisions within humanity and therefore has no place in the political machine through influence. I would agree to that if this was 2000 years ago and democracy was non-existent. Back then Popes could influence Kings. Popes called for Crusades and war and wished to control the world through force. For a time they succeeded and sent many of humanity to an early grave, all in the name of God. The problem then was not of religion, but of church corruption. Because a man wears the cloth of sanctity does not mean he is sanctified. Actions of the man speak of his sanctity not his clothes. I should point out that wars in modern times were not started by religion. World War 1 was started by an atheist. World War 2 was started by another atheist. The Korean War was started by Communists who are anything but believers in God and Vietnam were started also by Communists and agenda driven mad men. The Iraq war was started by another mad man who forsakes his Muslim religion and desired conquest for profit not religion. Sectarian violence or “the cleansing of Islam” is attributed to agenda driven mad men that totally ignore the religion they claim to be leaders of. Other lesser conflicts in this world are not caused by religion but are supposedly fought in the name of God to rid the planet of the infidels by men that denounce God by their very actions. That is not very hard to see or understand, that this in of itself bespeaks of faith corruption by man and not God or the Prophets teachings on righteousness. The mess in Israel and Palestine continues as a conflict of corruption by man of God’s will. We as a race of beings will never advance our goals if we continue to allow the despots within humanity to invoke corruption of the teachings of God, in the name of God, and are not exposed and denounced by the leaders of all the faiths.


Presidents are sworn into office with their hand on the Bible. The reason this is done is simple. It humbles the man or woman taking the oath. He or she is made aware by this action that there is one far more powerful and that the oath they take is under the watchful eyes of God who wishes you to lead through righteousness and truth. How is this a bad thing I ask? I can make the argument that reminding a guy or gal with a nuclear trigger in their hand that One with a snap of His finger can destroy all of humanity in a brief moment, and your nuclear toys are nothing compared to His wrath. It is not a matter of religion this takes place, this is a matter of humanities propensity to get to big for its britches which is not a good thing and has consequences. Real or perceived matters not. The matter is left to the individual to cause reflection on purpose. Not a bad idea in my book as humans have a tendency to easily forget it’s purpose for momentary glory not eternal glory.


Religion has been taken out of schools and the courts. Through legal actions. Morality cannot be taught in school systems, but we are allowed to teach them about non marital sex and how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Genius no? No. It is OK to teach immorality, but not morality. This advances humanity how? This makes sense in what manner I ask? Look at the pregnancy rate by children and tell me that message of immorality taught in schools is a good thing. Yes. Teach them about sex and abstinence but also teach them morality and leading ones life the proper way. How is this not a good thing I ask? Should prayer be allowed in public schools? I think not. I think the concepts of religion, the teachings of religion, and its history should be however. Prayer should be left to the individual and not dictated to the mass’ assembled in a learning environment. Save the prayers for the faithful in a church surrounding, not in an educational institution. To not teach religious history is to ignore the richness of the human history on this planet. How does this benefit those that seek to become educated in man’s existence? Like it or not, religion is and always has been, entwined with human history since the beginning of the written word. To ignore, denounce or prevent its teaching in schools is not to me a benefit to those that seek education. To me it is a failure to educate. To what means does the end result? Intolerance and ignorance of a history rich in the cultural foundations of belief and morality of human kind. This serves Satan and not humanity. It fails in that the ignorances of cultures and the tolerances of others are not taught to the young who are left to interpret others without a foundation of knowledge to support an opinion that could be very prejudicial to all. Who in their right mind could possibly think for a moment that this benefits humanity. I certainly can’t.


In the court system taking an oath to speak the truth was seriously compromised when swearing before God became a defacto no. I ask one simple question. Taking away the possibility of eternal damnation to a place one does not wish to go for lying before God was removed as the impetus for making one speak truth. This benefits who? The liar. This is a good thing? I fail to see how. The liar prevails under the guise of political protection and therefore has no motivational reason to speak the truth. Therefore, the court of absolute truth becomes a mockery to support agenda driven individuals desires to codify evil. Relying on one’s honor to be the impetus is ludicrous as an honorable man or woman would not be in a situation where they must be sworn to tell the truth. It is the dishonorable that are on trial and therefore suffer not for lying. How did humanity fall into such a ridiculous abyss I ask?


Before the Supreme Court is a case that has a far-reaching impact towards tolerance and acceptance of the 1st Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion and acceptance of public prayer during assembly in this country. Liberalization is a word with the root of liberty as the basis. Does this mean minority factions will prevail over the majority desires? Does this mean to appease the few we will ignore the many? Does this mean a simple act of prayer which could very well be ignored by the dissenters needs to be put into law as an intolerable act? What will we become if we legislate intolerance as an acceptable standard in the land? Will we also legislate intolerance to those that are over weight? Wearing perfumes in restaurants that destroy the senses of smell and taste through powerful odors? Where does intolerance stop? This case has no merit because no one holds a gun to ones head to pray in this country. No one. If you have the conviction of a non religious life then so be it, don’t pray, you’re not required to do so. You have the alternative to not participate as it is your right to not do so. But those of us that do also have the right that it should be allowed and accepted by law. In this case it is a personal desire to not stand out in the crowd like a baboon at a gathering of cats. That is a personal lack of commitment to ones convictions and should not be put upon the mass’ who are not baboons. The Supreme Court should toss this thing back into the bin of irrelevance and agenda driven lunacy and make it plainly clear that starting a political meeting with an uplifting and morally based message is a good thing and not some evil subversive speech to control the proceedings or anyone at one.


I am reminded of a personal moment of this separation question at one of our local parks. I had a small gathering of homeless folks sitting around me listening to some of my teachings on Bible history and the foundations of belief. I had a Bible on my lap and was reading to them some scripture to emphasize a point on why we should help one another in our great time of need. Not a bad idea considering the many struggles homeless folks face daily. I was interrupted by the park police. Told that we couldn’t do this sort of thing in a public park, and we were breaking the law and needed to move along. Yeah, that was not a very smart thing to say to an American who understands the law and fought in foreign lands to protect the Constitution of the United States with his life. I pointed out to the officer that we are the public and we the public are exercising our legal and Constitutional right to assemble and be free to discuss religion on property obtained with our tax dollars which therefore by rights makes US the land owner and not the government legislature which has erred in passing a really bad law that he is trying to enforce on publicly owned land. I also pointed out to him that a city class action lawsuit involving a civil rights issue as well as a Constitutional guarantee violation by some 15 million of the faithful would collapse the city wallet to oblivion and he could quite possibly be looking for work in some other city capable of paying his salary if he wanted to pursue the matter. Eyes went dim, uncertainty of position and perhaps a revelation of not pressing the issue with someone wearing a collar prevailed, and he simply walked away. A minor victory. I wish to test this law however and see it expunged from the books as it is bad law. That day will come, and we will prevail. Amen



Whose War – Syria’s or Obama’s


= Free Syrian Army Fighters =

War with Syria in my view is an exercise in failure. An announced “punishment” of a few days of cruise missile and Tomahawk strikes without an agenda of regime change smacks of “no one likes what you did, but your going to get away with it regardless” approach to doing something no one else cares to do. No one wants to foot the bill, and it appears all the rhetoric is just that .. rhetoric. So send Assad an email Mr. President it’s about as effective and costs me JoeTaxPayer nothing. I would appreciate that.

Retired military guys are saying the US should at least balance the playing field and destroy Assad’s ability to wage war from the skies. Wipe out his planes, tanks and helicopters, deny the use of airports and landing strips and you might help the opposition reach their goal. Good idea, shows a decisive reaction, not a knee jerk slap in the head. Announcing to the world you are a man of substance and commitment to the idea that treaties and accords made by the world indeed have a meaning. Follow them or get your butt blown up. But alas, that takes strong leadership and will. Unfortunately,the President is not of the same caliber as John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan. Not even close.

The situation in Syria is extreme. The desire is strong to help the opposition get rid of a despot, help the opposition in some way that benefits that goal. Unfortunately,the opposition get’s redefined on a daily basis due to the influx of jihadists and renegade outlaws hell bent on destabilizing the ME theater. The UK, our strongest ally has decided not to do anything. France has decided to do something, just not sure what. I suggest they go home and make croissants. So Obama is faced with a “go it alone” decision facing a country that doesn’t agree we should do that. We are tired of war. We are tired of putting out these little fires of despotism to the point of exasperation. Does the world really want America to be exasperated? Is that the goal of the crazies with guns killing all in the name of God?

Try this on for size. Obama has nothing to lose. Obama is going down in history as one of the worse leaders this nation has ever had. Nice enough guy but should have stayed a Congressman. Just not the right stuff for a world on fire with extremism. Sorry Mr. President you got the job based on your skin, not on your talents for leadership in this turmoil filled world. That folks is the danger. He has nothing to lose. He has all to gain by a decisive show of strength, commitment and purpose. He can make a final statement about his presidential leadership to history by destroying Assad’s ability to wage war on his own people. Unfortunately, he blew the chance. He pulled the old tired wannabe tough guy act and announced he was going to kick butt and take notes routine. Yallah Mr. President, yeah yeah .. heard that before .. on the playground. Forget about it.

My thoughts on Syria, unless things change radically, are the US does nothing. Eventually Assad will regain his rule over the people and the jihadists will go home to wherever in Hell the cave they came from is. They lose the purpose of being there. So they will leave. The beards of course will smile and clap at defeating the world giant once again. Yay. Go team. They are idiots and will die out because they have no basics for survival. So they take over a country. This is the end game I assume. Then what? No one is going to deal with them. The world operates on trade, No one is going to sell you anything in support of your existence. That’s the reality of their goal.

So what then should Obama do? Difficult question considering the circumstances. What I would do is retract my forces to the outskirts of the war zones and sit. Tell the world there are only 2 things the US will involve itself in. The Straights and the Suez. Mess with either, you get destroyed. Doesn’t matter who or where you come from. Mess with the stability of the world, you die and so does everyone else in the place you come from. This puts on notice countries that allow and provide safe harbor for these criminals with guns, the price one will pay for it is high. Yes, that is an extreme position to take. When dealing with extremists, extreme actions are necessary as they do not understand diplomacy or the rules of society at large. They wish to die in the name of God. I know of no God that would accept them into Heaven. So they get sent to Hell.

The President is in a mess, not of his own making. Really feel sorry for the guy actually. He got handed 2 wars the day he took office and a world full of crazy bastards hell bent on dying for God. How does one deal with such an impossible situation where your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t? What does one do when backed into a corner? That’s the position the US is in now. So if you all pushing for US intervention in Syria, instead of lip flapping the anti-American rhetoric continually, come up with a solution on how to deal with this disaster I will forward any legit idea to the President. He needs help, so help, not hinder. Those that oppose US intervention, great, send along the suggestion on how you will deal with Assad the next time he uses gas on his people. He will you know. Oh and hey, if anyone doubts he did still .. maybe you want to think about how the US knows exactly what army unit did the firing. One should not wear unit insignia clearly visible from the sky to the worlds most powerful camera when one commits an atrocity.

Now the Russians are in, and the UN is meeting on what to do next. Yay, it’s like watching paint dry. Sooner or later it will. Sooner or later the UN will declare something and Russia will denounce it as US political maneuvering. The war and struggle will continue while everyone looks on hopelessly once again. In the meantime Russia got to kick Obama around the G20, made him look weak and silly. This is more important to Russia then it is to the Syrian dead. Something they tend to over look on grounds of political gain.

Stay tuned, this fiasco is warming up to a complete stalemate or as I like to phrase a Mexican Standoff. Everybody loses but Putin .. what a guy.

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Drone Madness or How I Kill Terrorists 101


At some point folks need to realize this current policy of killing bad guys with rockets fired from drones is really not a good idea. The main reason being is because it is sanctioned assassination. Well this, if you don’t know, is illegal in pretty much every court in the world including the ones in the good old US of A. The problem is it continues with impunity. This is the result of terribly misguided people in Washington that forget they are there because WE trusted them with upholding the principles and edicts of the Constitution of the United States and the Rule of Law that makes the United States the great country it is. They have failed to do that and somehow, sadly, during the last election cycle we forgot that fact and re-elected them back into the seats of power…ignorantly. We failed. No passing the buck here .. we crapped out of the game.

Drones, contrary to some beliefs, have been around for more then half a century. They come in all sizes, shapes and functions. The only similarity is they are all pilot-less. This is a good thing when speaking of war machinery because you don’t win wars through attrition anymore. Back in the days of spears and arrows the bigger army had the advantage. Today, where conventional warfare is a thing of the remote past, mechanized warfare comes to the forefront where the lesser army may rule the day because they have more advanced weaponry. Case in point was the defeat of Saddam Hussein’s 3 million man standing army in twenty-one days by an overwhelming force of technology driven war machines. This display to the world put everyone on point as to the nature of future conflicts between nations. The drone revolution begins .. or so they would like us to think.

I first fired a rocket from a drone when I was fourteen years old. That was over 50 years ago and I distinctly remember saying to my flight partner that I thought this was pretty much going to be something the military would be doing at some point in the future. My friend remarked if what I said was true then war would change to a more mechanized force based on technology. Yeah, we were pretty smart kids. We were also driven by technology to push its limits. Both of us went on to become design engineers later in life and I went on to focus on aerospace engineering design. It was an interesting career and I got to actually see the technology I helped design in an actual war. Most of the work I was involved with had very short life spans but cost a bundle to make and the results of their usage always exceeded the cost of design, thereby, (forgive me here) realizing a very large return on investment.. I thought this to be a relative sad part of my work but it was also a source of gratification that the thing I worked on actually did what it was designed to do. Blow shit up. Elegantly, with no harm done to the good guys. I imagine many will read that and say .. this guys a serious hawk without soul. Well I am a serious hawk, but my soul has nothing to do with it. The drone age in my life had begun early and as the years progressed I witnessed what I predicted so many years ago, evolve into its current reality. Oh yeah, as a side note I managed to get myself in a boat load of trouble with the FAA for shooting missiles off of my radio controlled airplane (drone since it was pilot-less). Such is life.

The younger generation also do not realize Afghanistan is not the first country to see drones overhead. The UK saw drones overhead in WW2 over London. By today’s standards they were nothing more than very stupid hunks of airframe loaded to the gills with high explosives. The target was determined by how long that big roar in the back of the drone lasted, then the thing would fall out of the sky and hit something. Little regard or effort was made to limit collateral civilian damage as drones in those days were little more than instruments of terror for the UK populace. But as is and always has been British resolve won the day and many of the drones flown out of Europe towards Britain were destroyed over the channel or on the coast through some pretty remarkable marksmanship by pilots and anti-aircraft folks. Still, those that did succeed in reaching London proved to be successful in killing thousands and destroying much infrastructure in the wake.

The first time I came in contact with a military version of what I was flying off of my football field was in Thailand during the Vietnam conflict. I was in the Air Force at the time and sent on TDY (temporary duty) to a base in northern Thailand approximately 50 miles from the Chinese border. My assignment was to evaluate the usage of pilot-less aircraft to assist in the gathering of intelligence directly related to the Vietnam tragedy and provide proof positive that China was involved in Vietnam and Cambodia to a much higher degree then they had claimed at the time. Intel knew or strongly suspected China was sending supplies and support south to Vietnam through Cambodia and Laos. My mission was to prove it so that State could get them to stand down. This of course was mission impossible with a seriously high-profile priority. Keep in mind that this was an era when the computer was either a mechanical one or a computer that took up a city block and was run on vacuum tubes. What we came up with was a modified Cessna (O2 bird-dog) single engine drone that was entirely controlled remotely. It was a disaster. The technology needed was not yet there and the program provided little in intel but did give us the much-needed information as to just what was really necessary technology wise to make the drone concept a viable reality.

My next exposure to drones came in Germany after the Vietnam conflict had ended. By this time the drone vehicle had moved off of a standard aircraft frame and more into a flying missile that to me resembled what we know today to be called a cruise missile. It was pretty much the same shape and size, just not as smart. In fact, it was a down right dumb ass contraption launched off the wing of a specially equipped C130 Hercules mother ship and captured after its flight by a highly modified HH53 helicopter. This spectacular display of technology was interesting to the German (West) Air Force in that they could use it to look over the wall and see what the neighbors were up to. Brilliant .. unfortunately the program was wrought with bugs and mechanical issues and our grand display of military ingenuity ended up in some lake in the Ukraine because we lost our radio feed. The Germans were not all that impressed and the AQM project quietly went back into the R&D world.

There lays the foundation of my droneness from a technology history standpoint and you will undoubtedly notice I made no mention at all about the legality or morality of drones. I also avoided giving anything away that could be useful by some idiot that might think I’m spilling State Secrets. I have a good attorney friend that keeps an eye on me. Today’s drone histrionics though has caused me to try and put this mess into some sort of perspective as to the need for such technology and hopefully voice my opinion on the consequences of its use. The need is great, the consequences are varied and explosive.

The single most prevalent need is to limit the exposure of the human element in weaponry that is designed to kill bad guys. We fly jets and bombers all the time, drop bombs, shoot missiles, and kill the enemy with typical war machines. We also kill the innocence through collateral damage. It is an unfortunate part of war that has been a part of every war ever fought by man. I do not condone the killing of innocent people. Let’s make that perfectly clear. It happens. It’s unfortunate and it will continue to happen as long as we (humanity) continue to fight each other over everything under the sun. To stop it is not simply to stop flying drones, but to stop all war. Right, like that is bound to happen. So we are stuck with the war machinery and its non-benign usage that will kill innocent folks as well as the bad guys. There is no such thing as a clean war.

That then leans to the discussion we are having today over the killing of supposedly bad guys living in heavily populated areas and using missiles fired from drones to remove them from further participation in the terrorist war. All fine and dandy except for the fact that no one other than an intel analyst at CIA or DOD have determined that so and so is a terrorist planning to blow shit up and therefore must be eliminated to keep him (or her) from actually carrying the plan out. The name then shows up on a “hit list” and I call it that because that is exactly what it is and sooner or later the name on the list gets crossed out because hell from above came to visit and those he lives with or is gathered with ends up dead or seriously injured as well as himself. Maybe, if he was actually present. Sometimes it is only the innocents that die from such strikes.

This current state of thought in drone usage by the powers that be is illegal. They can paint the picture any way they wish but when you get right down to it firing missiles from a pilot-less aircraft is sanctioned assassination of someone yet proven to be a bad guy according to the laws of the land and the world courts. A sixteen year old kid living with his terrorist Dad in Yemen to me is not much of a threat and certainly not worthy of the expense of blowing up a perfectly good missile that cost a boat load of bucks to produce. In other words, whoever made that decision is an idiot. The conversation is, we targeted an American citizen, assassinate him by missile because he was in the planning stages of some form of terrorist activity to take place on American soil. Well the kids not Dad, though he shares his name, and I seriously doubt any concocted plan by him would have ever been realized, never the less he was droned. That shows to me the decision process for targeted individuals involved in terrorist activity against the US or our friends is in serious need of restructuring and rethinking. It’s not working and innocent lives are being taken which to the rest of the world is unacceptable. I fully agree with that feeling. It is not acceptable from a nation of law to be a nation of lawlessness. That makes us no better than the terrorist we fight.

It has been a year since I first wrote about the drone program, part of an enormous funding bill passed by Congress last year which authorized the FAA to conduct test sites around the country, and, see how this technology fits in with everything else that fly’s over our heads daily. Rules needed to be established and set in place before the practice of wholesale drone flying became an everyday occurrence. I have yet to read anything from the FAA pertinent to this. But they probably did come up with something and it was benignly buried in some report sent off to a Washington bureaucrat who rubber stamped approval. Which unfortunately is the way bad law gets put on the books. Drones have many uses outside of the military in the civilian world, and as such, are not entirely an evil technology. The evil bits come from the human element, not the technology, therefore very strong, enforceable laws must be in place before they are allowed to take to the skies like Icarus. I speak from experience, remote flying is not as easy as falling off a log, but, has deadly consequence if improperly done. Therefore we must make damn sure the person flying the thing is as qualified to do so as an airline pilot. Licensed and tested by the proper air authority and limited in scope. The last thing we want is to have some Rambo SWAT guy flying a missile loaded drone over a crack house in South Central L.A. I predict that is exactly what will happen unless we establish not only the qualifications of the drone and it’s systems but also of the pilots flying them and the legality of the actions allowed for the drone deployment. Surveillance drones are also included in that mix as I don’t know about you, but, if I’m in the back yard naked as a jay bird chasing the dog around because he has my shoes, I really don’t want the local cop shop watching, or, have my abundance show up on YouTube as a virile video. Therefore limitations to airspace must be part of the legal dialog. Before anyone get’s too excited about civilian drones firing missiles in populated American cities by the cops, that’s just not going to happen. The cost of such a platform and it’s subsystems is so out of budget for anyone but the military, would, and will, prevent it. Police usage of drone technology will be limited to very small lightweight platforms carrying surveillance cameras. Am I concerned about privacy? If I was I would have spoken out 20 years ago when NASA put the K12 systems into orbit that look down upon us from high above with the capability of reading your license plate from geosynchronous orbit. I also would have bellowed out about the use of surplus Vietnam era helicopters purchased by police departments to keep an eye on the law and order aspect of the civilians. We did bitch about the hovering noise however which to me brings back not so fond memories of Vietnam.

Then let’s now focus on where the real discussion about drones should be. The dialog must without a doubt be the sanctioned assassination of bad guys without a day in court or the legal basis to do so. 9/11 was a long time ago. The so-called “War On Terrorism” continues and does not seem to have an end game. Lately it appears to some that a radical Muslim is immediately tagged a “terrorist” because of his or her beliefs in their religion. We Christians tag our radical Christians as ill-informed idiots with a personal agenda. Why is there a difference? There shouldn’t be, one mans radicalism, is another man’s attempt to change things. I’m a Minister of the teachings of Christ and my radical view on Christianity has landed me the tag “heretic” by the mainstream. Well so be it. Just don’t drone me because I teach differently then you. Same holds true for my Muslim brothers and sisters. Because you do not think along the same lines as the mainstream, does not make you a “terrorist”. It just makes you different and diversity is good. Life is less boring with diversity, keeps us on our toes as we move along in life. This is why we must turn to the dialect of terror. What constitutes a terrorist? Ask that question in any gathering and the answers will be so varied one could only ascertain that we really have no definitive answer. A bunch of generalities, a bunch of useless tags and most importantly a complete lack of any sure form of intelligence currently points to the bad guy. So how do you justify who is a terrorist that would give you the power of God to end his life with a missile shot from a drone? Yeah, tough one to answer huh? Some will say “Well the CIA knows for sure.” . I remember in Vietnam we called the CIA intel we got on the enemy before a mission “Completely Idiotic Assessment” and more often than not we were right. Intel is only as good as the analyst and the information provided. It is anything but 100% accurate. The best that could ever be attained would be a high degree of “PROBABILITY” . To me, that is not justification for murder by drone.

We then must insure the bad guy is really a bad guy and we must do so based on reality, not probability. The guess-work and “probability” factors must be eliminated before the action being taken could be considered  lawful to the land and to the worlds courts. Wholesale drone killings must end. Congress must strip the  presidents and the CIA’s power so as to end this drone madness and make everyone playing this game answer to the same rules we have embedded in the Constitution and in the laws of the land. They are in place for a reason and no amount of dissociative reasoning will negate them.

That is all….


This one definitely flies Anonymously

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